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Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh Overview

Situated on the border of eastern Madhya Pradesh and southern Uttar Pradesh, the city of Singrauli offers you a lot at once: it is both a thriving hub of large-scale power corporations that harvest mighty dams to produce electricity for millions across the country, as well as the site of numerous historical and cultural wonders. If you have ever been into classic films like Indiana Jones or The Mummy, and have always had the itch to bring out your inner explorer, Singrauli has caves for you to wander in, mysterious rock shelters with prehistoric art to look at, and ancient temples to visit. Here, you can expect to truly connect with your spiritual roots and think back to the origins of humanity itself -- lofty things to think about but the sites themselves make for a unique and memorable experience nonetheless!

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Best Time To Visit Singrauli

Given how the mercury soars up to 45 degrees in summertime central India, most tourists find it best to visit Singrauli in the cooler months of late September until March. The months December, January, and February, in particular, when the maximum temperature is restricted to a breezy 25 degrees remain the most popular choice.

Tips For Visiting Singrauli

1. Click as many pictures as desirable, but politely give up if a certain site prohibits photography.
2. Take great care to not vandalise or litter at any of the historical sites.
3. Wild animals are dangerous, so maintain a healthy distance from them.

Sightseeing and Picnic

A long day of exploration can wear one down, but Singrauli has just the right spots for unwinding with your friends or family! Relaxing by the Chilka lake under the winter sun or enjoying the scenic view from Rihand Dam while surrounded with dense greenery is perhaps the ideal way to rejuvenate and meditate on all the mystical and ancient sights experienced earlier. Such spots are tidied and maintained well by the various power corporations that are based in the city.

1. Chilka Park

Maintained by the NTPC, this park offers an idyllic escape from the noise of the city. The wide view of the lake, surrounded by lush green trees, and pleasant weather can relax one immediately. This park is located in Shaktinagar and is hence easily accessible via a cab.

2. Rihand Dam

Inaugurated in 1962, when the drive to modernise Singrauli was underway -- this dam is the largest in India in terms of its volume and is harvested to generate immense hydroelectric power. It makes for an ideal tourist spot as the view of the waters gushing down is remarkable! If you're looking to witness this grand technological spectre, monsoons are ideal because that's when the dams are open.

3. Rose Garden

Constructed as part of the Jayant Project by Northern Fields Ltd., this is a wonderful getaway and relaxing spot. The variety of roses here, in all their distinct smells and colours, are sure to mesmerise visitors. What's more, the park always remains tidy so that you can relax and attain peace away from the city's bustle.

Wildlife Safari

Exhausted all places of historical interest that Singrauli has to offer? Perhaps some quality time in nature is what's needed. Here, one can spot magnificent elephants effortlessly feeding on heaps of bamboos, gorgeous peacocks gracefully engaged in exploring the forests, or the rare tiger bellowing in the distance. Those with a knack for wildlife photography can put their cameras to good use here!

Sanjay National Park

The forests in central India are home to a rich and diverse array of flora and fauna. Visitors to the Sanjay National Park can get a chance to see sloth bears, hyenas, panthers, tigers, wild boars, Nilgai, Russell vipers, cobras, rock pythons, among other majestic species. For the avid birdwatchers, there are pigeons, egrets, kingfishers, teals, eagles, owls, cuckoos, white ibis and many more flying around! The national park is at a distance of 50 kms from Singrauli, so those hoping to visit should hire a cab.

Food and Shopping

Loiter around the Mada Market in Waidhan, and purchase trinkets and souvenirs from the caves. Additionally, interacting with the friendly and eager locals also makes for a rich, novel experience in itself! The influx of migrant workers unfortunately displaces the local craftsmen, so it's a rare and special experience to purchase intricate hand embroidery and traditional garments from them.

Tourists with an appetite for exotic cuisine can feast on authentic Madhya Pradesh dishes like roasted or pickled bamboo snacks, lapsi, ras kheer, panipuri, Bagelkhandi gosht (a special mutton preparation), among others. The food, though predominantly vegetarian, is surely bound to dazzle one's taste buds! While Singrauli has excellent eateries like the Indian Coffee House, the joy of strolling through the streets and eating whilst watching the vendors meticulously prepare their rich flavours is something else altogether.

Whether you are invested in history and culture, or looking forward to engaging in tropical wildlife safari, or merely having a fun, indulgent time with your friends and family at a peaceful picnic spot, Singrauli has it all for you! So as soon as the year inches to a close and the weather gets pleasant, why not pack your bags and enjoy a quality vacation at Singrauli? Who knows, you might even be able to spot a new rock painting, spy the magnificent rare tiger in the jungles, or even discover your new favourite cuisine?

Historical and Religious Exploration

Singrauli is rich with attractions for those with an interest in history and culture. From scouting in the labyrinthine Mada Caves and marvelling at the mysteries they harbour to paying heed to Hindu deities in the Jwalamukhi Temple or the Oudi Hanuman Temple, visiting these places will make anyone experience awe for India's plush ethos.

1. Mada Caves

Dating back to 5-7 AD, these caves -- named Ravana, Vivah, Ganesh, Jaljali, and Shankara -- mystify and enrapture one's imagination like few other sites in India. Stepping inside them, one can witness old, withering sculptures of gods and goddesses ranging from Lords Ganesha, Shiva, and Parvati. Masterfully carved out of mountains, these caves are deeply enshrouded in legend. One popular story claims that the Vivah cave is the historical sight of Lord Ram and Sita's wedding. To reach the caves, one should make use of the frequent bus service from Waidhan to complete a 32 kms long bus ride. Taking a cab to the caves is also a readily available option.

2. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

These 30,000 years old rock shelters are a UNESCO world heritage site. There are multiple engravings on these rocks: one among them is thought to depict a scene of hunting while another shows a drawing of a snake, a deer, a human, and the sun. These rock paintings help one appreciate prehistoric humans? sense of art and comprise an unforgettable sight.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Singrauli

3. Jwalamukhi Temple

One of the oldest temples in Singrauli, this is a shrine to the goddess Jwalamukhi. Her devotees believe that paying a visit to her results in the fulfillment of their wishes. The temple is known to host Ram Navami celebrations annually. It's located in Shaktinagar and maintained by NTPC.

4. Oudi Hanuman Temple

This holy place is dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanuman. It is run and maintained by Northern Coalfields Ltd. Devotees are known to visit especially during the period of Diwali celebrations. A curious feature of the temple is that it is situated right at the border of UP and MP, so that one can step on the soils of both states at certain points in the temple.

How To Reach Singrauli

Via Air: Tourists travelling from places at a large distance from central India are best suited to reach Singrauli via air. While the construction of city?s own airport is underway, the nearest airport remains the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi.
Via Road: While the construction of roads around the area is underway at the time, Singrauli remains the most accessible via a 50km drive or bus ride from Renukoot. Renukoot in turn is well-connected to places like Varanasi, Lucknow, and Delhi through interstate highways. So, those reaching these places by flight can take a bus to Renukoot and reach Singrauli.

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