Famous & Local Food of Haryana

Haryana's cuisine is rich with the finest ingredients and generous use of the dairy products, abundant in the area. The food here is prepared and served with a generous helping of 'Ghee'. Milk, Ghee and Buttermilk are essential ingredients that find their way into almost every home-cooked meal. Also known as the 'Land of Rotis', people of Haryana are incredibly fond of rotis, especially wheat rotis and baajre ki roti. 

Since most of the people living here are Hindus, the food is generally vegetarian. Some of the most mouth-watering delicacies that the state has are Rajma Chawal, Aloo-Tikki, Saag Gosht, Dahi Bhalle, Kheer and are enjoyed by people all over. The other traditional preparations include Bajra Ki Khichri' (salty, wholesome millet porridge), 'Karhi' (chickpea flour beaten in spiced yoghurt), Bathua-Ka-Raita (green leafy Bathua in delicately spiced yoghurt). Singri ki sabzi, Methi Gajar, Bathua Raita, Kadai Hara cholia, Rabri, Gajar ka Halwa, Laddu are also some of the preparations that represent the richness, elaborate cooking styles and distinct flavours of Haryana that one must indulge in while in the state.

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