Youngest Indian to Travel All 7 Continents with a Full Time Job

Everyone who loves travelling has at least once in their life, dreamed of setting foot on all the seven continents on our planet. Their travel bucket list is never-ending, and the exotic places keep on adding. For some finance and time is not an issue, but others plan for a long time to even travel to a few countries. But many travellers have visited all seven continents and have made their dream come true.
Youngest Indian
Even in India, many have aimed to travel to all the continents, and some have even achieved it. One of them is Abhinandan Kohli of Karnal, Haryana. 

Youngest Indian to travel all 7 continents with a full time job

The Journey of Exploring 40 Countries by 27!

Born on 22nd November 1989, he has travelled to 40 countries and has explored all the seven continents at the age of 27, that makes him the youngest Indian to visit all seven continents and that too with a full-time job. 
Abhinandan Kohli -  Youngest Indian to travel all 7 continents with a full time jobAbhinandan is very enthusiastic about travelling, loves food and is also a climate activist. Between February 2012 to February 2017, he had visited more than 150 International cities and at the same time maintained his full-time job!

Stories like these encourage us to explore the unexplored, for all you need is passion and love for travelling, and before you even know, you will have a bag brimming with memories.

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