Power Paragliding in Sohna Is What You Should Plan for this Weekend

Paragliding is a breathtaking experience. Taking off and flying down through the air from above a thousand ft is always a thrilling experience. Traversing through the magnificent mountains, taking an aerial view of the beautiful landscapes is a memory earmarked for life. 

There is not much training involved in paragliding. You are just given a few instructions by your trainer if you're going tandem. Solo paragliding isn't really available in Sohna. If you're ready to take off for this adventure ride from the sky to the ground, Fly India Adventure in Sohna will guide you through the tandem jump. They are one of the best operators- available. 

Eligibility for Paragliding 

People of ages 16 above and under 60 are very welcome to embrace the adventure. It is recommended that you are below 90 kilograms to jump. People with even the most minor heart conditions or any other physical ailments should consult a physician beforehand. 


Once you sign up for the activity, you head up to an elevated hill-side zone from where you take off. The instructors brief you on how to hold your feet before takeoff, while you fly and when you reach the ground otherwise chances are that you might not end up having a smooth ride.

You go as per first come first serve basis. You have to wait for a couple of minutes after the previous flyer has taken off. You will be made to wear the safety suit and the parachute belt before you are ready for launch. Then you run at high speed on a mountain slope and successfully take off! 

Types of paragliding available

  • Tandem jumps - Fly high adventure offers only tandem jumps wherein you fly with an instructor with a common parachute. 

Best Time to Paraglide

Other than Monsoons, choose any other time of the year to tick paragliding off your bucket list in Sohna. 


Tandem Jump - INR 2,500 or INR 500 per minute. 

(The longer you want to longer in the air, the more is the cost) 

Pro Tips

  • It is always recommended to wear comfortable clothing and to stick to athletic wear and sneakers or closed shoes as you need to run. Avoid skirts, shorts, floaty dresses, heels, sandals and slippers. 
  • Stay calm before you launch. Gather the courage and conquer the ride with mighty spirits and experience the euphoria. It is important to follow the instructions so as to avoid a thought ride. 
Are you excited to Paraglide in Sohna? Let us know in the comments below! 

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