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Wilson Hills, Gujarat Overview

The Wilson Hills in Dharampur district of Gujarat is one of those places which would make you say 'wow' when you witness the natural and panoramic beauty of the place. Clouds floating close to the ground, lush green forests, pleasant climate and intriguing view of the sea from the hilltop – Wilson Hills is an ideal place for those who love to do nature photography.

Situated at a distance of 123 Km from Surat and around 54 Km from Valsad, Wilson Hills has an elevation of around 2,500 feet from the sea level. Although it is a bit warm during the summer months of May and June, the cool sea breeze blowing in from the Arabian Sea compensates for that effectively. With the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary lying close to the Wilson Hills region, it is that one place which you must visit if you are a nature lover. Awe–inspiring valleys, pristine lakes and foggy clouds, not to forget the beautiful sunrise and sunset views across the sea, Wilson Hills is definitely going to give you some panoramic views at every footstep! And Oh! What a beauty it is to visit during the Monsoon season!

Photos of Wilson Hills

Wilson Hills
Wilson Hills

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Things to Do at Wilson Hills

You may visit the following different sightseeing places at and near the Wilson Hills region:

Barumal Shiva Temple: Situated along the road connecting Wilson Hills and Dharampur, the Barumal Shiva Temple is one of the major tourist spots to visit. Just as much as the temple and its architecture are famous, the place is much more than that. The premises of the temple also consist of a guesthouse, canteen, and a walkthrough gallery. Moreover, the place is going to fascinate you with its beauty, so do visit it for sure.

Wilson Hills Museum: Housing precious artefacts and antiquities relating to the history of Wilson Hills and Dharampur, the Wilson Hills Museum, also known as Lady Wilson Museum, is a must–visit place if you wish to learn more about the place.

District Science Centre: The main objective behind the establishment of District Science Centre in Dharampur district is to research and impart knowledge to its visitors about the methods and technologies used to preserve the nature and environment of Wilson Hills. Situated deep inside the tribal regions of the district, the place even organizes activities and events such as Indoor Exhibition, Travelling Exhibition, Digital planetarium with a 3D hall for you to engage with them.

Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls: Situated at a distance of around 10 km from Dharampur city, the twin waterfalls of Bilpudi, also known as Mavali Mata Waterfalls, is truly a mesmerising view to capture. After all, when one waterfall drops water from a height of around 30 feet, with another one dropping water from 20 feet, who would refuse to agree with the beauty of the place?

Wilson Hills
Panoramic View of Wilson Hills

Wilson Hills Viewpoints

Ozone Valley Point: Situated at a distance of around 0.5 Km from the centre of Wilson Hill, the Ozone Valley Point is a must visit place if you are either a nature lover or a photography freak or both. Comprising of lush green trees and foggy weather, the Ozone Valley is that one spot where you can go camping along with your friends or family.

Sunrise Point: Hit the snooze button a bit early during your trip to Wilson Hills and visit the Sunrise Point to witness the beautiful sunrise with your naked eyes. How the sun changes its colours, from red to pink to orange while subsequently rising and disappearing amidst the foggy clouds is amazing, and will surely make the rest of your day!

Wilson Hills Sunrise Point
Wilson Hills Sunrise Point

Sunset Point: For those of you who are in love with the dusking sun rather than the dawning sun, make sure to visit the Sunset Point on the Wilson Hills to capture the magnificent view of the sunset across the horizon.
Marble Chatri Point: Situated on the peak of Wilson Hill, the Marble Chatri Point has its own history. As per historical records, the Marble Chatri has been built in remembrance of Lord Wilson and is considered as a tribute from King Vijay Devji towards the Lord. So, make sure to visit the place.

Shankar Waterfall Point: This is another famous place lying close to Wilson Hills. Situated at around 6 Km from Wilson Hills in the Sahyadri Mountains, the waterfalls tend to give you a sensation that you are present in the laps of nature. Upon witnessing the charm of the waterfalls, you can be sure not to have seen such a beautiful scenic view in your life, it is that beautiful!

Wilson Hills Gujarat
The road to Shankar Waterfall Point

Best Time to Visit

No season other than monsoon (July - September) could be the best time to visit the paradise area of Wilson Hills in Gujarat. Timely showers of rainfall throughout the day will help you in infusing with the vibes of the place, forgetting about all the sophistication and enjoying your trip to the fullest!

History of Wilson Hills

The history associated with the Wilson Hills is quite brief yet interesting. The place acquired its name in the memory of Lord Wilson, who happened to be the Governor of Mumbai from 1928 to 1923 AD. It is believed that Lord Wilson and King Vijay Devji of Dharampur had planned to develop the region into a hill station, but due to some circumstances, the projects couldn’t be initiated. It was only in 2003 when Wilson Hotel Highland Initiative, a private company, took charge for the development of the Wilson Hills region. Since then, the place has continued to amaze and amuse us with its picturesque landscapes and sceneries.

How to Reach

Wilson Hills is situated at a distance of around 123 Km southeast of Surat city if travelled along NH 48 and later along GJ SH 181. Further, the place is around 54 Km east of Valsad city on GJ SH 181. From the city of Dharampur, the Hills lie at a distance of around 25 Km along GJ SH 181 towards the east of the city. Although the only way to reach Wilson Hills is via road, the place possesses connectivity with other modes of transportation such as railways and airways as well.

If you are planning to reach Dharampur city via airways, it is advised to land at Surat city, and drive to Wilson Hills along National Highway 48. Further, you will need to change for Gujarat State Highway 181 at the Chikhli –Valsad Road to reach the Hills. If you are planning to reach Wilson Hills via rail, you need to book your tickets up to Valsad station. From there, you need to drive along Gujarat State Highway 181 to reach the place.

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