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Pakhal Lake, Warangal Overview

Around 50 km away from Warangal city is the beautiful Pakhal Lake which is spread over an area of 30 sq km. Set amidst the lush green forests and hills, the human-made lake forms a highly picturesque location.The lake also borders a wildlife sanctuary located at its shore. The chirping of birds mingled with rejuvenating breeze and tranquillity makes it a favourite spot for picnics and nature enthusiasts.

A man-made lake built during the Kakatiya Dynasty by the King Ganapati Deva in 1213 AD, it was made to serve the farmland activities. The creation of ancient times, even today, is seen performing its duty of providing water for irrigation. Approximately 3 Lakh acres of land is surviving over its waters. Located next to the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, established in the year 1952 by the makers of this lake, the Pakhal Lake also provides natural heaven to the wild animals amongst the range of low hills and a plateau with safe ambience. This is the reason; one even spots a wide range of species of flora and fauna near the lake.

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Things to do at Pakhal Lake

Nestled with nature's love, the Pakhal Lake allows you to spend an amazing time. Here are a few things you must do while visiting the beautiful retreat-

1. Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

Located right next to the lake is the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary which spreads over an area of 839 The sanctuary consists of rare flora and fauna which includes leopard, wild boar, panthers, hyenas, cobra, monitor lizard, etc., and various kinds of herbs, shrubs, and climbers such as Emblica Officinalis, Cordifolia, Bombax ceiba, Flacourtia indica, etc. This small plateau region becomes more beguiling because of the mesmerizing low hills that surround it. The scenic beauty of the park is breathtaking. It captivates its visitors to another level. Giving you the most stunning sights of wildlife, the sanctuary becomes a must visit. 

2. Picnic
Being old school never gets old! Pack some delicious food, take a camera, wear comfy clothes, and head straight up to Pakhal Lake for spending some time away from the hullabaloo of the city. Taking a break and spending some happy times with family and friends has become a necessity. So, the next time you plan such getaways you know where to go. 

3. Photography
Get captured! The place has an astounding beauty making it a perfect place to get clicked for some new Instagram and Snapchat stories.

4. Boating
Add some more fun by taking a ride on a motorboat. The ride lasts from 15 minutes - 90 minutes and costs INR 300 for four people. While you are at the center of the lake, there is a chance that you might spot some crocodiles as well.

Tips For Visiting Pakhal Lake

1. November to June is the best time to visit Pakhal Lake.
2. There are no accommodation facilities available at Pakhal Lake, and hence, tourists often stay in Warangal City.
3. There is a unique toddy (palm wine) available in this region.

How To Reach Pakhal Lake

Located 50 km away from Warangal, on the Narsampet-Warangal division, the best way to reach the Pakhal lake is by rented jeeps and cars from Warangal city. Also, continuous bus services are provided from Narsampet which is 12km away to Pakhal. 

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