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Bogatha Falls, Warangal Overview

Also called the “Niagara of Telangana”, Bogatha Waterfalls is an eye pleasing and the second largest waterfall located in the state of Telangana. This is an offbeat place which proffers mesmerizing and picturesque views of the colourful and rich landscape that circumscribes it. The variegated hills from where the water bubbles and cascades down in a tortuous manner is simply beautiful. Falling from an elevation of 30 feet, many small gushing water streams coalesce to form a large magical pool at the bottom. The water of the Bogatha Waterfall later on merges with the Godavari river. Bogatha Waterfalls is a hidden gem that will prove to be a great getaway from the hustle bustle of the city and give you an opportunity to spend some time in the lap of nature and enjoy the pleasant sound and touch of bountiful water drops.

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Best Time To Visit Bogatha Falls

The best time to visit Bogatha Falls is between the months of June and November. The monsoon during this time period makes sure that the waterfall is bubbling with water.

Places to Visit

1. Bogateswara Swamy Temple

A pristine temple is situated on the upper part of the waterfall. This temple is dedicated to Bogateswara Swamy who is a revered figure amongst the locals. This temple offers picturesque views of the whole place and is visited by many people who come here to pray and seek blessings. Make sure to spend some time witnessing the spectacular views that can be seen from this place.

2. Butterfly Garden

A mesmerizing Butterfly Garden is constructed by the Forest Department to attract more travellers. This garden is replete with lush green trees and shrubs trimmed in shape of butterflies. A lot of flowers also bloom in this garden adding to the beauty of it. The garden also has activities including archery and a small area for children. The Butterfly Garden is a great place to have a picnic and enjoy palatable food sitting amidst nature. You can even relive your childhood days by throwing around a frisbee.

3. Watch Tower

Recently a three storey tower has been constructed to provide a bird's eye view of the whole place. You can climb to the top of the tower and witness the serene and mesmerizing views of the whole place. The watch Tower is specially built to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset or a sunrise and be awestruck by the different hues to the sky merged with the lush greenery on the earth. Make sure to climb up to the top of the watchtower and enjoy panoramic views that it offers.

Things to Do

1. Picnic

The Bogatha Waterfalls is a picture perfect backdrop for a picnic. You can enjoy some quiet and peaceful time enjoying scrumptious food while sitting close to the waterfall. Tiny droplets of cool water will brush against your skin making you feel rejuvenated. The Butterfly Garden is another place where you can enjoy palatable food sitting amidst verdant trees. Picnic is the best to spend some quality time with your loved ones and relax.

2. Trekking

To reach the magnificent waterfall you will have to trek for about 2.5 km. The way to the waterfall is filled with verdant trees and scenic beauty. This trek will provide you with some fresh air to your lungs and your lungs would finally heave a sigh of relief to breathe in fresh air. Trekking will also pump up your adrenaline level and add a tad bit of adventure in your trip. The scenic beauty throughout the trek makes the journey even more fun and interesting.

3. Swimming

Swimming in the large water pool that forms at the bottom of the waterfall is a favourite activity amongst the travelers. The cold and clean water of the waterfall will rejuvenate your body and soul. The pond is replete with water but is completely safe to take a dive in and enjoy the chilling water.

Bogatha Waterfalls is an amazing place to visit and enjoy the abundant water and picturesque beauty of nature. This place is perfect to spend some quality time with your loved ones and cherish some serenity and tranquility.

How To Reach Bogatha Falls

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Bogatha Falls is the Hyderabad which is located at a distance of 330 km. From the airport a large number of rental cars are available that will take you to your desired destination.
By Rail: The closest railway station to reach Bogatha Waterfall is Bhadrachalam Road Railway Station which is located at a distance of 120 km. From the railway station cars can easily be rented which will take you to your desired destination.
By Road: Bogatha Waterfalls is well connected by road from a number of places. It is located at a distance of 30 km from Eturnagaram, 120 km from Bhadrachalam, 140 km from Warangal, 200 km from Khammam and 330 km from Hyderabad. You can easily rent a car or take your own car and start your journey from one of these places and reach your destination.

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