Majestic Temples in Warangal for Religious Short Trip

Temples in Warangal

Here is the list of 12 Majestic Temples in Warangal for Religious Short Trip

1. Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal

Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal
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The Thousand Pillar Temple is an ancient temple that is tucked away in a small town named Hanamakonda in the vibrant state of Telangana. As the name suggests, the temple has over one thousand pillars, some of which are a part or extension of adjacent pillars! These pillars are so tightly knit, they practically form the walls of the temple. Constructed in a star-shaped architecture, the Thousand Pillars Temple is a popular pilgrimage centre which welcomes more than 1000 devotees almost every day. The temple also contains a huge monolith Nandi, made up of black basalt stone. The three shrines located in the temple are together known as Trikootalayam.

2. Ramappa Temple, Warangal

Ramappa Temple, Warangal
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The magnificent structure of Ramappa Temple is situated about 77 kilometres away from the main city of Warangal, right in the heart of the ancient capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is believed to have been constructed over a period of 40 years. It was built by General Recherla Rudra during the period of the Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva. The edifice of Ramappa Temple is an exquisite example of Kakatiya style of design and is covered in detailed carvings that depict the life in the olden times. The intricate architecture and mighty foundation has stood the test of time and is a wonderful look into the culture and history of Hyderabad.

3. Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal

Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal
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Goddess Bhadrakali is one of the ten great manifestations of the Supreme Goddess of Hindu cosmic mythology and the Bhadrakali temple at Warangal is devoted to the god of rage and fury and protector of the goodness from the darkness. The temple is in a real sense an ancient one – dating back to 625 AD to the era of the Chalukyan kings or so is depicted from the in-house inscriptions. Not just history and mysticism, the magnificent temple is an attraction because of its picturesque beauty of natural rock formation and the vast lake that creates an undeniable spiritual serenity about the place. Tourists can simply enjoy the soft breeze and take in the vast expanse of it, or choose to go boating as well.

4. Padmakshi Temple, Warangal

Padmakshi Temple, Warangal
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A temple, dedicated to Goddess Padmakshi, dating back to early 12th century houses instance of some exquisite architecture and a pillar that gather about itself much fascination by its visitors. The Annakonda Pillar, a quadrangular pillar stands at the entrance of the structure.

5. Siddeshwara Temple, Warangal

Siddeshwara Temple, Warangal
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The Siddheshwara Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located very close to Hanamkonda in Warangal. The temple's architecture is stunning and bears resemblance to the Chalukyan style of architecture. The temple pillars have been carved out beautiful with intricacy that leaves ones fascinated. This is an important Shivaite temple in Warangal.

6. Sri Veeranarayana Temple, Warangal

Sri Veeranarayana Temple, Warangal
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Sri Veeranarayana Temple, an ancient temple built around 1104 AD, is a highly revered temple located at Kolanupaka in Warangal District. This shrine encloses Shri Veeranarayana, who is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the main deity. The temple architecture reminds you of the Chalukya style of architecture and mesmerizes you from head to toe.

7. ISKCON Warangal

ISKCON Warangal

ISKCON Warangal was established to propagate the teachings of the Bhagwad Geeta and inculcate Krishna Consciousness within a larger population in the region. The temple complex is a well maintained place of worship that offers a tranquil atmosphere to learn and soak in the divine powers of the deity.

8. Sri Vidya Saraswathi Shani Temple, Warangal

Sri Vidya Saraswathi Shani Temple, Warangal

Sri Vidya Saraswathi Shani Temple complex has shrines dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi, Lord Shani, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. The complex was built by a scholar in the field of astrology and an ardent devotee of the Goddess. The temple has a famous Victory Pillar which bears the sculptures of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lord Laksmana, and Goddess Lakshmi.

9. Kulpakji Jain Mandir, Warangal

Kulpakji Jain Mandir, Warangal

Kulpakji Jain Mandir is an ancient temple considered to be of great significance to the Jain community. It is believed that the original idol of Lord Adinath was installed here. The temple complex houses idols of eight Jain Teerthankaras as well. The temple architecture with stunning stone carvings draws tourists in large numbers.

10. Inavolu Mallanna Temple, Warangal

Inavolu Mallanna Temple, Warangal

Inavolu Mallanna Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Mallikarjun Swami who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It was built by the Karkatiya Kings in the 11th century. The astounding temple architecture with beautiful carvings on the pillars and the walls emphasise on the religious importance the shrine had during their reign. The annual Mallana Jatra is celebrated with great enthusiasm at the temple.

11. Rayaparthy Shiva Temple, Warangal

Rayaparthy Shiva Temple, Warangal

Rayaparthy Shiva Temple is an 18th-century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is an architectural treat with inscriptions and beautiful carvings amidst the scenic beauty of the location.

12. Govindarajula Gutta, Warangal

Govindarajula Gutta, Warangal

Govindarajalu Gutta is a hill surrounded by dense forestation which is a treat to nature lovers for nature walks and trekking. One can get a breathtaking view of the city from the top of Govindarajalu Gutta. A small temple dedicated to Lord Rama is situated on the hill.

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