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Laknavaram Cheruvu, Warangal Overview

Warangal is prominent for the several remarkable lakes it has incorporated in its topography, it was also the former capital of Kakatiya dynasty. Laknavaram Cheruvu or Laknavaram Lake is a man-made wonder tucked away from civilisation in the Govindaraopet just 80 kilometres from Warangal, cradled by lush green dense forest cover and glorious hills. Laknavaram lake in the Bhupalpally district in the state of Telangana is locally famous by the name of Laknavaram Cheruvu. The lake amasses an area of over a whopping 10,000 acres. and was built by the Kakatiya clan when Warangal served as their capital.

What is seemingly unique about Laknavaram is that it has 13 small islands spread across it within the lake and 160-meter-long three individual suspension bridges that connect 3 islands with each other and the main shore. The lake also has a medley of activities for you to choose from for people of all walks of life and age groups and you could spend your day amidst gusts of breeze and revelling in the splendid views of the mountains and a sea of green as far your eyes can see.

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Things to Do at Laknavaram Lake

  • The main feature of the lake is boating, it can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, there are different varieties of boats available to suit your preferences. You can choose between pontoon boats, deluxe boats, motorboats and speed boats.
  • You can also enjoy the unmatched beauty of the lake and enjoy the tranquil quietude of the place and take in the serene surroundings and relax and spend your time at leisure.
  • One of the main attractions of this lake are the suspension bridges, you can traverse the bridges and go around different islands.

How To Reach Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram lake can be accessed from Warangal through Mulugu-Jangalam national highway by state buses or private vehicles, the lake is just 7 kilometres ahead from Mulugu with the stretch offering amazing views of the hills and landscapes.

Best Time To Visit Laknavaram Lake

The best time to visit the lake is during the monsoon and winter months as Laknavaram is a primarily rain fed lake with rain water being its only source of water, the lake is filled to the brim and the nearby hills and terrains are also covered by a sea of green and look magnificent.

Tips For Visiting Laknavaram Lake

1.  Visit early mornings or on weekdays to avoid crowds and enjoy the lake at your own leisurely pace.
2.  If you plan on staying at the cottages on site, secure your accommodation well in advance because there are only 4 cottages and the resort often runs on a full occupancy.
3. Avoid visiting in summers, the lake tends to dry up and the climate is not very pleasant and too overbearing.

Accomodation Near Laknavaram Lake

There is a resort run by Telangana Government. Four cottages are constructed within the lake and let you experience nature first hand. The cottages have to be accessed from the main reception via ferries as they are completely submerged in water and the ferries are the only way to get to the reception and main shore.

Food near Laknavaram Lake

The Government-run Haritha resort's restaurant is the only restaurant in the nearby area for up to a kilometre. The restaurant serves normal Indian cuisine, it can be reached via the suspension bridge from the main shore.

Laknavaram lake is a perfect example of man-made marvels with its one of a kind suspension bridges giving you the sense of walking atop the water body. The lake is enormous in itself and you could spend hours just gazing at the water as far as the eyes could see. It is also an idyllic picnic spot with a host of activities to keep everyone interested and is the perfect spot for a one day picnic with your family.

Attractions near Laknavaram Lake

Ramappa Temple

The Ramappa Temple, also known as Ramalingeshwara temple named after the presiding deity of the temple, is approximately 30 kilometres away from the Laknavaram lake and should take around a 40-minute drive for you to reach there. The temple is located in the valley of Palampet village in Venkatpur Mandal, a quaint village with a rich and vast history. The temple is placed on an elevated 6-meter-high star-shaped pedestal and houses 2 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva on each side of the temple and a Nandi statuette within the temple which faces the shrine of Lord Shiva.

The pillars in the temple depict mythological stories and the walls are decked with inscriptions of mythical animals and female performers that are reflective of trademark Kakatiya art, dating the temple back to the year 1213 AD. It is suggested by archaeological authorities that the temple was built under the supervision of General Recherla Rudra under the rule of Kakatiya lineage ruler Ganpati Deva. The temple surprisingly derives its name from Ramappa, one of the sculptors who worked on the construction of the temple. Legend has it that the temple was constructed over a staggering duration of 40 long years but has repeatedly stood its ground in the face of wars, destruction and natural calamities.

Bogatha Waterfalls

The Bogatha Waterfalls are a promising eco-tourism attraction located in the heart of a forest away from the city hullabaloo approximately 70 km from Laknavaram lake in Koyaveerapuram G in The Khammam district of Telangana. They are said to be the second-largest waterfall in Telangana and have been bestowed by the name of Telangana Niagara and Telangana Niagara Jalapatham by the locals. The falls experience water-flow throughout the year and usually cascade down in 3 to 4 white ribbons along with several smaller streams and are best enjoyed in the months of June to November when the waterfall is in its full roaring glory. There is an unmotorable stretch of rocky terrain on the road just before the waterfall, so the waterfall can be accessed by a short trek. Swimming is permitted in the underlying pond in a separate safe zone away from the waterfall.

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Telangana has a wide range of wildlife reserves, Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary is located in the Eturnagaram village in the Jayashankar district about 50 kilometres away from Laknavaram lake. The wildlife sanctuary encompasses an area of 806 square kilometres and is said to be one of the oldest sanctuaries in Telangana opened in the year in 1952. The wildlife sanctuary is a host to several discrete streams and springs stemming from the river Godavari that passes through it and can be explored with small treks and walking excursions. The sanctuary is home to a diverse range of species ranging from tigers, panthers and leopards to nilgai amongst others. October to May is usually the best time to visit, the wildlife sanctuary also has provisions for cottages and rest houses that will allow you to live amidst the wilderness and take a step closer to nature. October to may best time to visit.

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