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General admission tickets for seats range from EUR 5 to EUR 48.
Standing room tickets start from EUR 1.50 to EUR 3.50.

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The National Theater, Vienna Overview

The National Theater of Vienna or Burgtheater is one of the most significant buildings features on the Ring Boulevard. Situated across the Rathauspark, Burgtheater tracing its name from “Burg” or Castle, used to be the Imperial theatre house of the royalty. Established in the 19th century, this 19th-century monument has an elegant exterior, dotted with soft arches and an intricate facade. While it has a dynamic history battling several changes of names, lineages, war, and even a bombing, it proudly stands today as one of the most famous theatres of the world. Visitors can attend the screenplay performances which are in German, and enjoy a tour around the Theater premises. The National Theater can be visited all year round, except July and August when no performances take place.

One of the most sought after elements of the National Theater is the fanfiction screenplays of Shakespeare plays. The Theater doubling as a museum is home to an excellent collection of portraits of renowned artists. It also has a sculpture collection, along with the bust monuments of different playwrights. Keep an eye out for the fresco featuring Romeo and Juliet, along with the grand red carpet staircase perfect for a portrait shoot. A wonderful mix of culture, fun, history, and art, a trip to the National Theater cannot be missed. Known as the second oldest theatre of the country owing to a royal lineage, an evening at the National Theatre is truly one of a kind. Visitors can also explore the nearby coffee houses and public parks located on Rathauspark and Ring Boulevard.

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Ticket Prices for The National Theater

The National Theater offers both guided tours and performance tickets. The guided tour tickets can be purchased from the ticket offline 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour. Additionally, the Theater has separate entry tickets for the theatre performances. 

General admission tickets for seats range from EUR 5 to EUR 48
Standing room tickets start from EUR 1.50 to EUR 3.50

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office or online. The ticket offline timings are: 

Weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. 
Weekends and public holidays from 9 am to noon.

Evening tickets are available one hour before the performance.

Shows and Schedules of The National Theater

Tourists planning to watch a play must keep in mind that the Theater only produces plays in the German language. On the 20th of every month, visitors can book their tickets for the upcoming month. The ticker offices are present in the theatre itself or online. Visitors can regularly check the upcoming show schedules and book tickets online at the official website here

Guided Tours at The National Theater

Burgtheater or The National Theatre, Vienna

The National Theater or Burgtheater offers an incredible tour of this historic building. Visitors can explore then architecture, history, and technology which surrounds the construction of the National Theater. The tour experience includes a look at the majestic ceiling paintings courtesy to the artists Gustav Klimt, the elegant staircase, the Theater’s very own sculpture collection and the portrait gallery. In addition to this, visitors can also view the busts showcased in the hall of the Theater of renowned playwrights. The portraits also feature the most celebrated artists in the world, along with the people who were crucial to the development of this theatre.

The guided tour is a popular choice amongst many tourists as this gives the visitors an insight into the backstage life of the Vienna Theatre. While there, the tourists can admire tributes given to artists and poets from around the world, scenes depicting crucial moments of globally acclaimed plays, and even the incredibly detailed facade at the entrance.

Dress Code at The National Theater

No particular dress code is prescribed by the National Theater authorities. However, the convention is that visitors usually avoid excessive casuals. Short or sleeveless clothing is also avoided. Smart casuals or suit and tie is usually the norm.

History of The National Theater

The Old Burgtheater or The National Theatre before 1888, Vienna

Opened in the year 1741, the National Theatre was constructed on the wish of the Empress of Habsburg. At the time, the Theatre was named as the German National Theatre and featured some of the best performances in the world, and the premiere of the Theatre was through Mozart’s operas. The National Theatre or Burgtheater went through several changes of its name and was even called the KK Hoftheater nachst der Burg.

The building was later shifted to Rung Boulevard and featured the controversial play The Merchant of Venice during the Nazi regime. In 1945, the building went through tremendous damage due to a bombing, but the sources still remain unknown. After its renovation, the Burgtheater stands on the Ring Boulevard, but now especially known for German performances.

How to Reach The National Theater

Metro: The underground metro or U-Bahn connects to the National Theatre through the U2 and U lines. Visitors can get off at Rathaus or Schottentor on the U2 or Herrengasse on the U3. The theatre is a 2 minute walk away from these stations.

Tram and Bus: The public tram and bus lines connect to the National Theatre on the routes 1, 71, and D. visitors can get off at Rathausplatz/ Burgtheater.

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