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Prater , Vienna Overview

Prater is one of the largest public parks in the city of Vienna. Adjoint to Wurstelprater, an amusement park in the corner of the Wiener Prater, the entire premises is called Prater. Known for the large Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel, Prater is one of Vienna’s most popular attractions. The Ferris wheel is known to symbolise the district and the people of the city.

Among other things, Wurstelprater is also known for carousels, halls of mirrors and laughter, ghost trains and rollercoasters, or the little Liliputbahn on which visitors can tour the amusement park. Apart from the rides, Prater houses a green lawn called Stadtpark, lush with water meadows which were once a famous hunting ground of the Habsburgs. One can relax here, away from the bustle of the city.

Wurstelprater is also known for its great food. Home to some of the most authentic Hungarian restaurants, Prater is a must-stop for culinary globetrotters. With its amusement park, food scene and picnic areas, Prater is genuinely one of the most versatile attractions the city has to offer. You can spend an entire day, simply imbibing the vibe of Vienna at Prater.

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Ticket Information for Major Attractions at Prater

Major attractions:

Madame Tussauds

Regular price on-site: EUR 24

Online price: EUR 16 (


EUR 5 per round trip,

EUR 2.50 per section,

EUR 1 to Schweizerhaus.

Giant Ferris Wheel

EUR 12 per ride.

Prater Tower, Black Mamba, Hotel Psycho, Wildalpenbahn

EUR 5 per ride.


EUR 6 per ride.


EUR 4 per ride.

Other Offers 
  • Giant Ferris Wheel, Madame Tussauds, Liliputbahn, Schönbrunn Palace, Zoo Schönbrunn and a lot more attractions for a flat rate from EUR 70 with the Vienna Pass.
  • Giant Ferris Wheel and round trip with Liliputbahn for EUR 14,00
  • Only available on-site.
  • The Prater Highlights Card includes 13 attractions with Madame Tussauds for EUR  45 (only in high season).

Highlights & Rides at Prater

1.     Stadtpark

park, prater, stadtpark, child cycling

One of the most beautiful parks in all of Vienna, Stadtpark is nestled in the middle of nature. The main avenue, known as Hauptallee runs from the Praterstern to the Lusthaus, amidst meadows and lush undergrowth. One of the major attractions here is the chestnut blossom which blooms in shades of delicate pink in the summer months.

2.     Jesuiteniese Meadow

In Winter, the Jesuiteniese Meadow becomes a magical playground. Equipped with a snowmaking machine, the winter months find the meadow full of visitors, engaged in enthusiastic snowball fights. Besides this, the bordering tobogganing hill is pretty famous, having been created from the ruins of houses bombed during the Second World War.
3.     Vienna Ferris Wheel

giant ferris wheel, vienna, prater

With a height of over 65 m, the giant Ferris Wheel in Prater looms over the city. It has been a popular landmark since its construction in 1897. Escape the bustle of the fairground, as you enjoy the marvellous view on this 15 minute ride.

4.     Madam Tussauds

madam tussauds, prater

A subsidiary of the popularly known wax museum, the Madam Tussauds in Prater was established in 2011. With over sixty-five figures, spanning three floors, some of the better known Austrian personalities include Sigmund Freud, Maria Theresia and Ludwig van Beethoven.

5.     Prater House

A giant chain carousel which takes you 100 m above the ground, Prater House is not a ride for the faint-hearted. This ride promises to get your adrenaline pumping with speeds of 60 km/h, as it goes in rounds at dizzying altitudes. The four-minute ride gives you a glimpse of the Hungarian sea.

6.     Liliputbahn

train ride, prater

A miniature train, the Liliputbahn is a popular ride for the young and old alike. This 3.9 km tour of the amusement park takes you through the avenue Hauptallee, from the Giant Ferris Wheel area to a place nearby the Ernst Happel Stadion and back in 30 minutes.

7.     Black Mamba

As the name suggests, the Black Mamba is known to reach speeds of 80 km/h as it navigates through unexpected twists and turns. The rollercoaster can seat eight people at a time as it serpents around the unpredictable track. The 3-minute experience ranks high up in the top 10 list of rides you cannot miss.

8.     Hotel Psycho

hotel psycho, prater, attractions

This ghost train ride of sorts promises to give you the chills. Hotel Psycho houses a 360-degree revolving Gondola which takes you around the creepy house. From a man on an electric chair to zombies, this ride is not suitable for those with weak nerves or children under the age of twelve.

9.     Boomerang

boomerang ride, prater

Another rollercoaster ride for adrenaline junkies, the Boomerang is known for going back and forth between two 37 m high towers as it loops around. With a maximum speed of 85 km/h, the ride takes you through the whole route twice within 2 minutes.

10.  Wildalpenbahm

prater rides

A fun family ride, perfect for hot summer days, the Wildalpenbahm is a water rollercoaster ride of sorts. The round boats at the beginning of the ride can accommodate up to 9 people as they descend from a 30 m high water channel, all the while rotating about. Don’t worry about getting splashed with water, as Wildalpenbahm houses a large body dryer at the exit.

Places to Eat at Prater

With over five dozen restaurants, cafes and bars scattered over the park, Prater’s culinary scene is extremely versatile. From Kaiser roll stands to opulent culinary experiences, Prater has it all. Here are some places you must try:
1.     Schweizerhaus


Better known as the Swiss House, this restaurant is one of the most popular ones in Prater. Particularly famous for its giant garden where one can get enjoy great Hungarian beer in the shade of large old trees while feasting on traditional Viennese delights.

2.     Zum Eisvogel

Serving award-winning Viennese cuisine, the refashioned Zum Eisvogel opened at Prater in 2008. The chef duo Peter Petritsch and Katja Bürgler take pride in their ability to bring home-style dishes to a new level, dished with a side of ‘Viennese charm’.

3.     Kolariks Luftburg

Set in a lovely landscaped garden with a beer terrace, the Kolariks Luftburg is known for its welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere, housing an outdoor play area for children. Its dishes are simple and delicious, ranging from pork knuckle to spare ribs.

4.     Rollercoaster Restaurant

rollercoaster restaurant, neon lights, prater places to eat

This fun, themed restaurant is modelled like a rollercoaster. It features robots that mix cocktails and incredible light shows. The food is an Avant garde take on traditional Viennese dishes.

5.     Meierei

An outdoor set-up, the Meierei is perfect for grabbing an afternoon snack of coffee and pastries. Situated in the main avenue of Prater, in Hauptallee, you can observe cyclists and inline skaters pass you by.

History of Prater

Initially meant to be a hunting ground, entry to Prater was forbidden by the Emperor of Vienna until 1766 when Emperor Joseph II declared Prater to be an area free for public enjoyment. This led to the establishment of many small cafes and restaurants, culminating in the inauguration of Wurstelprater. Hunting in Prater continued until the late 1920s.

Prater took its present form post major renovations in 2004, when a new underground railway was set up under the name Wien Praterstern railway station, allowing easy access to the park.

How To Reach Prater

  1. Metro lines: U1, U2 and some rapid transit lines (S-Bahn).
  2. Tram lines: O and 5,
  3. Bus lines: 5b, 80A and 82A

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