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St. Peter's Church, Vienna Overview

The Easter Egg-shaped dome crowning Vienna’s supposed oldest Church is a sight to behold. The turquoise gem can be spotted from anywhere in the city and is situated in the Petersplatz square amongst other historic buildings. With intriguing history and fine aesthetic features, the St. Peter’s Church of Vienna is a crowd favourite. The Church tries to replicate the construction of St. Peter’s Church from Rome and at the same time sets itself apart through this intricate and detailed fresco work in the interiors. Lucky visitors may stumble upon the Church on the days it offers a free recital and takes in the magic of music and art put together. Popularly known as one of the most beautiful churches of the country, the St. Peter’s Church is definitely worth a visit.

Established in the 18th century, the Church is the signature example of Baroque style architecture and also home to some of the best paintings in the country. Apart from its religious importance, the Church is an excellent blend of art and music. Preserving many styles of art, the St. Peter’s Church is a special favourite of the art enthusiasts. The Church has several rich architectural elements to explore and is a popular attraction during Christmas. Situated on the Petersplatz Square, visitors can explore the nearby 18th century buildings and relax at the local cafes.

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Dress Code at St. Peter’s Church Vienna

While no specific dress code is prescribed during the visit, the convention is to wear covered clothing. It is best to avoid sleeveless and short attire. The church functions as a working church wherein confessions take place; therefore, it is not open to a casual dress code.

Tips When Visiting St. Peter’s Church Vienna

  • Visitors can keep a lookout for occasions where free organ recitals and choir performances are organized. The free recitals are frequently held, and visitors can plan accordingly to get an even more enhanced experience.
  • If you are visiting during Christmas, be sure to check out the nativity display organized for three weeks, and an Easter display of a shorter period.

How to Reach St. Peter’s Church

Metro: The metro or the U-Bahn crosses the Church on the U 1 and U 3 line. Visitors can get off at the station Stephansplatz and take a short walk to the Graben.

Bus: Through the bus routes, visitors can take either the 1 A or 2 A and get off at Graben/Petersplatz.

St. Peter’s Church Vienna’s Historical and Religious Importance

Said to be the oldest Church in the city, any trip to Vienna is incomplete without a visit to St. Peter’s Church. Historians claim that the first Church on this vicinity was established as early as the 4th century. Eventually, another church with Romanesque influences is said to have been erected on this site during the 11th century.

The current monument was built earlier into the 18th century and is an attempt to replicate its twin in Rome. The interior and overall design of the Church gained inspiration from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Its religious importance is tremendous, mainly because it is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Culturally, it is a prime example of Baroque style architecture.

Architecture of St. Peter’s Church Vienna

Built in 1733, the St. Peter’s Church of Vienna is one of the most celebrated monuments of the country. Its aesthetic appeal is incomparable and as beautiful as the Church is from the outside, it is even more elegant with its artistic interiors. With faint yellow towers, cerulean dome, notable artworks dating as early as the 18th century, and detailed frescoes and carvings; the St. Peter’s Church is an awe-worthy site.

The Baroque style architecture was designed and implemented by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt. The renowned fresco work is credited to the artist JM Rottmayr along with the gold plated altar which showcases scenes of St. John. The key highlights of St. Peter’s Church include its gigantic dome, which is the first in Vienna, visible from several streets in the city. The dome is oval-shaped with chapel-like tower structures on either side. The balcony cum veranda from the first floor puts together a magnificent shot of the entire structure.

Upon entrance, visitors can take in the majestic organ safely kept inside the Church, dating back to 1751. Though a small church, the St. Peter’s Church has stunning interiors with decorated frescoes on ceilings, gold plated altars, wooden carvings, candlelit surroundings, and much more. It is best viewed when sunlight shines through the Church, giving all art pieces a 3D effect. Complete with paintings and stonework, the St. Peter’s Church is truly an architectural masterpiece putting together all the best features of Baroque architecture.

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