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Naschmarkt, Vienna Overview

This local flea market, popularly called Naschmarkt, has become one of Vienna’s most popular tourist destinations. With over 120 market stands and restaurants the culinary offerings of this colourful market range from Viennese to Indian and from Vitenamese to Italien. The market has of late begun offering free wifi services, thus attracting a large number of food bloggers and young culinary enthusiasts.

Naschmarkt has been a popular marketplace since the late 16th century when traders from all over the world would bring their goods here to sell. From being a stronghold for selling milk bottles, Naschmarket has transformed into a bustling multi-purpose market. It aims at fulfilling the needs of all kinds of buyers, be it local grocery shoppers or foreign souvenir hunters, Naschmarkt has something to offer for all.

The Naschmarkt is also famous amongst foreigners not only for being a popular market place but also for hosting a multicultural population at once. As Naschmarkt offers not only Viennese cuisine but also varied ethnic cuisine borrowed from the immigrants, it supplies ample opportunities for cultural assimilation. It has also transformed into a famous people-watching sight: hoards of people, belonging to different cultures and ethnicities, come together, mingle and partake in such a simple task as shopping with utmost cheer.

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Places to Eat at Naschmarkt

1.     Do- An
A gastronomic pioneer, the Do- An restaurant has managed to make Naschmarkt popular with the younger crowd. The restaurant hosts a DJ on the weekends, making it an important night-time jaunt. The setting up of Do-An has greatly helped popularise the smaller stalls around it.

2.     Naschmarkt Deli
On Saturdays, the atmosphere at the Naschmarkt is especially enjoyable in the deli. The deli is a popular place in the Viennese food scene. In the evenings, it attracts a large audience – with the breakbeats of Viennese DJs and it occasionally hosts well-known guest DJs from abroad.

food stalls, naschmarkt, vienna

3.     Orient & Occident
The Orient & Occident is a popular Turkish restaurant where the wives of the owner whip up Turkish home cooking, with its own Viennese twist.

4.     Nautilus

An excellent seafood restaurant, if you enter at the end of the Nashchmarkt you'll need to walk up or down toward the Schleifmuhlgasse intersection to find Nautilus. The catch is extremely fresh and the outdoor setting makes it all the more authentic.

5.     Urbanek  
grocery store, naschmarkt, vienna

Urbanek is actually a store for fine foods and cheeses, but also a legendary wine bar. Vienna doesn't get more typical than this. While locating this restaurant can be a bit of a challenge, the father and son team that owns Urbanek has managed to make the charcuterie experience a special one.

6.     Trattoria Pulcinella
There's a great bustle in the market at this standard trattoria. Trattoria Pulcinella in Vienna Old Market is an excellent place to have lunch or dinner at excellent prices. From salads and meats to a great variety of seafood, the Trattoria has incredible service.

7.     Indian Pavilion
Known for its friendly staff and great South Asian fare, the Indian Pavilion has one of the largest vegetarian menus in the market. The chef prepares all food in accordance to your specific taste and preference. In fact you can even get some off the menu dishes at this warm Indian restaurant.

8.     Café Amacord
cafe amacord, naschmarkt, vienna

On the Rechte Wienzeile, right across from the Naschmarkt, is Café Amacord. It has excellent Viennese cuisine in a cosy ambience. Typical Viennese coffee house cuisine of high quality is served here.

9.     Market
The market is a restaurant that never sleeps. The visually impressive restaurant with the colorful textile artworks on its walls offers fine cuisine from the coasts of Asia, from breakfast to the late-night snack.

10.  ChinaBar an der Wien
A simple, cosy Chinese restaurant, ChinaBar offers an authentic Schezwan-Chinese cuisine mixed with its own Austrian twists. With a friendly staff and ample space, ChinaBar is a must-visit for anyone looking for spicy schezwan delicacies in a modern setup.

Saturday Flea Market at Naschmarkt

saturday flea market, naschmarkt, vienna

The most famous Flohmarkt or flea market in Vienna, traders flock from all over to the Saturday market in Naschmarkt. With over 500 sellers who start setting up shop right from 4 AM, the stalls sell everything from antique weapons and records to china and clothes, and of course books. The flea market is a hunting arena of sorts as it is filled with trinkets ranging from all imaginable products such that buyers need to hunt for the best version in record time. The hunt doesn't end just at finding the best product but also includes bargaining it for an affordable price.
Timings: 6.30 AM to 2:00 PM

What to Buy at Naschmarkt

From traditional Austrian ingredients to vintage knick knacks, Naschmarkt houses everything you could possibly wish to buy. Here are some interesting things you should consider:

1. Wine
wine cellar, naschmarkt

Austrian wine is famous for its delectable fruity undertones. The best place to find this is Wein&Co, Beim Georg or one of the many vinotheks nearby which also offer wine tours.

2. Stone Chocolate
green stone chocolates, naschmarkt

Sugar coated chocolate, resembling pebbles, this famous Viennese stone chocolate can be found in a number of stalls throughout Naschmarkt. Another popular place for chocolate is Zotter whose hand scooped chocolates are known to be incredibly delicious. 

3. Aromatic Oils
From fennel, chili, basil, pumpkin seeds and apricot stones, the choice for aromatic flavoured oils is vast at the market. The most popular place to find this is a store called Gegenbauer. Among other things, Gegenbauer also houses an extensive selection of Vinegar. These flavours include wine, apples, blackberries, elderberries, pomegranates, cucumbers, saffron, sweet peppers and more.

4. Traditional Bread
bread rolls, naschmarkt, bakery

Known for its variety of breads, the Naschmarkt bakeries tend to sell out pretty fast. Ranging from oat, millet, spelt, rye, wheat, kamut and amaranth, the Viennese show you that good bread can truly be made from anything. For a fresh loaf or roll, head to Gradwohl bakery in the market. 

5. Desserts
dessert shop, naschmarkt

Housed mainly in the little flying stalls scattered throughout the market, specialised Austrian desserts are a fan favourite. Set up by Hungarian and lower Austrian farmers, close to the flea market, these sweet treats sell like hot cakes!

6. Regional Honey
The regional Viennese honey tends to figure big into the cultural scene. You can find products ranging from honey wine to liquors, honey gummy bears and soap at various stands around the market. 

7. Vintage Items
flea market, vintage goods, naschmarkt

You can find some of the most interesting vintage items at the Saturday flea market. Sold by local Viennese and East European traders, these bargain items include hand bags, gem stones, glassware, silverware and linens. Try and get here as early as possible since items sell out very quickly.

History of Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt has a rich history starting back in the 1780s. It initially came to be as a dairy product market where the milk bottles became a popularly sold item. It remained steady for another ten years. After the Austrian Government declared that any goods not arriving from the Danube river needed to be sold at this market location, it was transformed into an imported products market. This boosted market affairs and brought much credit to it. Its name changed from Karntnertomarkt to Naschmarkt after it shifted from Karntnertobrucke Bridge. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that it came to occupy its current location along the Wein River. Most of the old-fashioned stands were retained along with the addition of newer trendier shops, cafes and restaurants, which help enhance the experience.

How To Reach Naschmarkt

By Foot: It is about 3.5km from the Schönbrunn Palace, less than a km from Hofburg Palace, you can walk it in about 15 minutes and of course is just a few streets away from the MuseumsQuartier.

Metro: Either Kettenbrückengasse Station on the U4 line or Station Karlsplatz  that is on three lines U1, U2 and U4
(The U4 line actually runs underneath the market and there are places you can look down and see the rails)

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