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Entry Fee :
Museum Hundertwasser + current exhibition - EUR 12
Museum Hundertwasser only - EUR 11
Only the current exhibition - EUR 9.
Family ticket (including 2 adults, and a maximum of 4 children up to 19 years of age) - EUR 22

Audio guides are available in English or German at EUR 3.

Timings :
Kunst Haus is open all year round. 

Open everyday (including weekends and public holidays) from 10 am to 6 pm.

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Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna Overview

Kunst Haus Wien of Vienna city is a literal dive into the mind of one of the best artists of the 20th century, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This sharp and unique building set aside from the rest of traditional monuments in Vienna is a true delight for all art enthusiasts. With a permanent and exclusive exhibition on the artist’s work featuring paintings, architectural designs, installations, tapestries, and more; a visit to this Museum nestled 10 minutes away from Prater Park is a definite must-visit. The bright, vivid colours, love for nature, and artistic inclination towards windows sum up the unique taste of Hundertwasser. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour around the vicinity and get special access to the seasonal exhibitions. The Museum is open all year round but the best time to visit is during the months of summer.

Established in a 19th-century building belonging to a wealthy family Kunst Haus Wien was generously renovated to reflect the style and philosophy of its artist. Everything from trees poking out of the windows, uneven floors, crooked lines, abstract mosaics and paintings; the works of Hundertwasser are almost a deliberate attempt to stand out. The experience is complete with a walk around its many installations, along with the rotational exhibitions on the top two floors. Visitors can ponder upon the artist’s environmentally friendly side by exploring Vienna’s first greenhouse. Additionally, travellers like to cruise around the gift store and try some coffee at the winter garden-themed Cafe.

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Exhibitions and Highlights at Kunst Haus Wien

The most sought after and popular collections in Kunst Haus Wien are located in Museum Hundertwasser. This museum is not only a replica of this artist’s creativity and philosophy but is also the only home to his collections globally. The museum features everything from graphics, paintings, installations, architectural elements, and such. What’s more? Kunst Haus Wien Hundertwasser boasts of Vienna’s first green museum depicting the artists interest and love towards the environment. Additionally, the museum also covers photography exhibits from time to time. While exhibitions here take seasonal turns, here are the most sought after highlights of Kunst Haus Wien’s collections.

1. Paintings

Hundertwasser was renowned for his vivid and abstract paintings. The unique aspect of his paintings are that they lack any sort of thought process or symbolism. Splashing one colour next to the other and experimenting different brush techniques, much of Hundertwasser’s paintings have been pure luck. Visitors can walk around the exhibition showcasing his life’s work. Many will come to notice that his paintings either show raw nature or a bunch of architectural elements, especially windows.

2. Tapestries

Kunst Haus Wien is also home to Hundertwasser’s tapestries. The interesting part about his tapestry work is that much of it is made by freehand movement. His tapestries depict uneven lines, lack of human figures, or even a basic template. Visitors can cruise through his cloth canvas art completed together with a rustic exhibition look.

3. Monotypes

Ranging across different mediums, Hundertwasser was renowned for doing things which are out of the box. Visitors can explore the exhibition presented on his monotypes where the artist experimented through various techniques including woodcut, etching, silkscreen, and more. Tourists will come to realize that most of his monotype work was created to stay unique. Discarding the notion of duplicating art pieces; Hundertwasser often worked on single edition pieces.

4. Photography

The Museum holds seasons photography exhibitions which are a crowd favourite amongst tourists. His photographs mainly feature his love for architecture and nature of Vienna with an abstract twist. The photography exhibitions are a must-see for any first time visitor.

Apart from these, the Museum also offers separate sections on architectural installations, design, and much more. Apart from his primary focus on art, visitors can also explore the artists’ love for ecology and buildings. Much of his architecture design features bright colours, spiral staircases, windows, checkerboard mosaic murals, facade art, and more. Apart from this, visitors can check out the greenhouse and a cosy little cafe near the museum shop. This cafe is complete with nature at its best, a winter garden, and some of the best coffee in the city.

History of Kunst Haus Wien

Kunst Haus Wien, a hidden gem of the city complete with a modern architectural twist was constructed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. An independently running museum, without any government or local aid, Kunst Haus Wien is the only Museum in the world housing the collections of Hundertwasser. The Museum was developed into a 19th-century building which earlier belonged to the creator of the bistro chair. The current building is located barely a kilometre away from the Hundertwasserhaus, which was also designed by the artist.

With uneven floors, a fountain donning the foyer area, bright and vivid colours, along with mosaics and facades; Kunst Haus Wien is a pure imagination of its artist which came to life. In stark contrast from the rest of Viennese architecture and art collections, this Museum is a fresh breath of air showing diversity in the culture and taste of Viennese art.

Architecture of Kunst Haus Wien

Bearing no resemblance to the rest of Vienna city, Kunst Haus Wien is a hidden architectural gem in an Austrian street. Easily noticeable for its nonconformity to Baroque or Greek architecture, this Museum/ Cafe attraction has many elements of modern architecture. The exterior of the building is donned with several windows which are also replicated much of the artists’ work.

Visitors will notice a colourful facade with vivid hues, along with plants shooting out of the window sills. The building in its entirety is every bit of what Hundertwasser loved: architecture and nature. Tourists will notice the unparallel lines on the building wallpaper, along with uneven floors. The checkerboard mosaic is an especially popular and photo-worthy corner of the museum. A large fountain is set up at the foyer and tree branches shoot out from the middle of the room. Its curvy hallways and incredible exhibition attract global participation. Kunst Haus Wien is of two floors, while two other floors were added for seasonal exhibitions. The entire building is complete with a gift shop, and nature-inspired cafe.

Tips When Visiting Kunst Haus Wien

  • Taking photos without flash is recommended.
  • Visitors can also check out the free biographical film screened and narrated through the artist himself.
  • If you’re an art enthusiast, the ground or garage floor of the building discussions are held amongst other artists and those of the same interests, brewing an analytical and interesting conversation. 

How to Reach Kunst Haus Wien

Metro: Taking the underground metro or U-Bahn, visitors can hop onto several metro lines which follow the route to Kunst Haus Wien. Taking the U1, tourists can get off at Schwedenplatz or Praterstern, those taking the U2 can exit at Praterstern, U3 at Wien Mitte or Rochusgasse, and U4 travellers on Wien Mitte or Schwedenplatz.

Tram: Tram services also follow the route of Kunst Haus. travellers can take line 1 or line O and get off at Radetzkyplatz. From Radetzkyplatz the Kunst Haus is about a 2 minute walk away, while it from Schwedenplatz it is a 10 minute walk.

Hop on Hop Off: Visitors can also reach Kunst Haus through the popular tourist bus service on the Blue line.

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