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Timings : Monday to Sunday - 10 AM to 12 AM

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Adults - EUR 14.50
Children - EUR 9.90 (6-14 years of age)
Seniors - EUR 11.90

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Danube Tower, Vienna Overview

The Danube Tower is a landmark of Vienna proudly labelled as the highest in the city. Providing an unforgettable experience, this popular attraction takes visitors to the top of the world, quite literally, to gaze at the brilliant architecture and cityscape of the city. The panoramic display offers a great kickstart to the journey into Vienna’s past and present. Combined with audio and visual interactive touchscreens, the Danube Tower also provides a self-instructed guide. The most renowned highlights of the tower include the open observation deck, luxury restaurants, and the express elevator. The tower is open all year round but the best time to visit the landmark for adventure enthusiasts is during the months of summer when the deck doubles as a bungee jumping site.

Established in the 1960s, the Danube Tower represents the shift in Vienna’s economy, culture, and socio-political structure. With modern technology contrasting with the 18th-century monuments dotting across the city; the Danube Tower is a must-visit for everyone. The tower offers both indoor and outdoor views and is the perfect destination for family and friends. Doubling as a popular site for couples, you may even spot a proposal or two while you’re there! Visitors make it a point to explore the cafes and Danube Park nearby and learn about the interesting history of the tower’s establishment.

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Things to Do at Danube Tower

Everything from taking the express elevator, to admiring the 360 cityscapes, and lounging around cosy cafes, Danube Tower offers a bundle of fun and relaxing activities for its visitors.

Take the express elevator of 35 seconds and cruise through 155 meters to get the best panoramic view of the city. The 360° view of Vienna stores the most stunning landscapes and photographic scenes. Visitors can also use the interactive touchscreens to know more about the tower and the city’s history. Some of the best locations to spot from the observation deck are the Danube Woods, United Nations office, the Giant Ferris Wheel Riesenrad, Cathedrals, and much more.

Visitors make it a point to check out the 360° rotating restaurant. A delicious piece of cake while sipping coffee is a crowd favourite as travellers like to lounge around the observation deck gauging at sight.

The observation deck at about 155 meters has a popular coffee house which first-timers should definitely check out. Offering one of the best skyline shots of the country, photography enthusiasts even capture the stunning sunset on a timelapse!

The luxury restaurant is located a bit higher at 170 meters, offering authentic Austrian cuisine indoor and outdoor seating options. The tower beer is a major crowd favourite!

During the summer months, the observation deck also opens the bungee jumping site for the adventure enthusiasts. If you were waiting for that extra cherry on top at the Danube Tower and aren’t afraid of heights, this bungee jumping adventure is an experience of a lifetime.

Visitors can explore the nearby parks and gardens along with the Donau cafe and Donaubrau located in the vicinity.

Tickets for Danube Tower

Tickets are priced as following - 

Adults - EUR 14.50
Children - EUR 9.90 (6-14 years of age)
Seniors - EUR 11.90

Tickets can be bought at the desk at the tower or bought online here.

Tips When Visiting the Danube Tower

  • Visitors can get a locker on the ground floor to store their belongings and tour around hassle free. 
  • The best time to visit is during sun down or night time to get stunning cityscapes. 
  • If time allows, visitors can also explore the nearby park and garden with lush greenery and beautiful flora. 
  • Book in advance to skip the line and save time during your visit.

How to Reach the Danube Tower

Metro: Visitors can hop onto the underground metro or U-Bahn on the Line U1, and get off at the station Alte Donau. Visitors can also take the U6 line and get off at Neue Donau station.

After reaching either of the stations, the 20A bus service or the free shuttle service provided by the Danube Tower will take you to Donauturm.

Hop on Hop Off: The local tourist bus drops off passengers at the Danube Tower on the Blue line, at the stop Donauturm.

History of Danube Tower

Initially, the Danube Tower was designed for Vienna’s International Horticultural Show in 1964. Essentially, it was a Garden Show for which this Tower was the showstopper. At the heart of Vienna’s history, the Danube Tower is a significant symbol of the city’s economic and social change which was progressing on the path of modernity.

The Tower was made as a contemporary to the Danube Park, wherein the lush greenery and the gigantic structure complemented each other. Since the Garden Show, the Danube Tower has become an integral part of Vienna’s cityscape and the tallest landmark in the city.

Architecture of Danube Tower

Built in 1964 by architects Hannes Lintl and Robert Krapfenbauer, the Danube Tower is the tallest landmark in the city donning Vienna’s skyline. It weighs a whopping 17,000 tons and reaches a height of 252 meters. The best part about the Danube Tower, apart from its cosy cafes, luxurious restaurants, and a magnificent observation deck, is the unique feature of a glass roof in the elevators.

What’s more? Danube Tower features amongst the top 75 tallest buildings of the world. Visitors will also notice the spires circling the tower which may be confused for aesthetic appeal. Interestingly enough, the spires are actually radio transmitters for communication purposes. The entire structure is complete with two observatory restaurants both have a 360 rotating view. Built at a time of rapidly increasing technology, the Danube Tower is a unique modern contrast to the rest of the traditional architecture of Vienna.

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