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Timings : 6:30 AM - 8:30 PM (closed on Sunday)

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : No entry fee

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Also Refered As:

Dakshinamoorthy Temple

EME Temple, Vadodara Overview

Short for Electrical and Mechanical Corps, in honour of the people who built the temple, the EME Temples is a symbol of the secularity practised in the Indian Army, the EME Temple in Vadodara is an aluminium-clad abode, constructed at the intersection of ancient and modern.

Also known as the Dakshinamurthy temple, it primarily houses a massive idol of Lord Shiva, along with a miniature Lord Ganesha (specially brought in from Mahabalipuram). There is also a silver arch with the holy words "Om Namah Shivaya" engraved on it.

It is a popular opinion among archaeologists that this temple is unique regarding its design, concept and geodesic design covered with war scraps and aluminium sheets. The unique aspect is how the temple supports secularism by incorporating holy symbols from every religion in its structure. The Kalash on the top symbolises Hinduism. The Dome signifies Islam. The Tower represents Christianity. The Golden-structure above the tower expresses Buddhism. The Entrance stands for Jainism.

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Architecture of EME Temple

Built in classic geodesic architecture, the EME Temple is a perfect illustration of the values that are the foundation of the Indian Army. On the outside of the structure are carvings of holy symbols from various religions. Each substructure of the building is representative of a different faith –
  • The 'Kalash' on top of the dome symbolises Hinduism
  • The dome is found in the design of mosques, thus representing Islam
  • The tower is symbolic of Christianity
  • The golden cap above the tower represents Buddhism
  • The main gateway of the temple ropes in the Jain way

Best Time To Visit EME Temple

It would be best to visit the awe-inspiring temple in the evening, especially during summer (March to June) when the temple gets quite hot due to the aluminium outside.

Tips For Visiting EME Temple

1. Valid ID proof of at least one member of the group/family is needed for entry.
2. It may remain closed on Tuesday evenings so do check before going.
3. Mobile phones and cameras are not allowed.
4. Pets are not allowed in the temple premises.

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