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Kauthuka Park, Thrissur Overview

A place where you can discover your peace, be amazed at human persistence and be thankful for the simple gifts that nature has bestowed upon us including animals, birds, fish, and mankind is the Kauthuka Park. The park, which is nothing less than a place of wonders, is situated at Chalakuddy which lies on the way to the Athirappally Waterfalls in the district of Thrissur was founded by a simple farmer named Mr Varkey Veliyath. This serene place is spread over 1.25 acres of land and is developed in a way that visitors can drop by and enjoy the healing power of nature.

This exquisite garden has a collection of a variety of plants and trees both medicinal as well as wild and even trees that are related to the zodiac. Another collection present here is that of the utensils and agricultural appliances belonging to the previous era adding to the charm of the place. The surrounding landscape comprises of streams, hills, caves, and varieties of medicinal plants and trees. The environment of this place allows even the sworn predators to peacefully co-exist and behave like obedient children following their master around, living and feeding on what is lovingly provided to them. The park does not resemble the plain and around it but makes one feel as if they have entered in through an isolated habitat of nature's best, with small caves and rivers, old ponds containing crystal clear water in which fish belonging to different sizes and varieties play hide and seek in the dark depths of the sea.

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Kauthuka Park

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Attractions in Kauthuka Park

Kauthuka Park is like heaven on earth for all the nature lovers since it is filled with medicinal plants which are rarely found, rivers, hill, caves, and a variety of beautiful trees. Not only this, a unique species of animals and birds live here freely without imposing any restriction on them. Some of them include squirrels, guinea pigs, rats, birds like dove, turkey, emu, peacock, and rare species of chicken. The park also has ponds and rivers within it with crystal clear water housing a variety of fishes. There is also a collection of utensils and all the agricultural appliances that were used in the previous era. There is a tiny hut in the park which is made up of pots and mud. Caves including the Pontiyac Cave and Jabal Qara Cave of Saudi Arabia have also been reconstructed here.

Ideology of Kauthuka Park

Mr Varkey was the son of a farmer and learned to respect nature right from childhood. The values that were imbibed into him by his father as a child can be seen even today in the form of the Kauthuka Park that he built. According to his philosophy, as human beings, we are dependent on nature for our needs and survival. He has managed to bring together everything that nature has to offer to us in its best form in the form of this park.

Best Time To Visit Kauthuka Park

Winter season in Thrissur, which extends from December till mid-February, is the perfect time to visit the place since the climate is quite enjoyable. Also, it is an ideal time for tourists to step out and indulge in outdoor activities.

How To Reach Kauthuka Park

The Kauthuka Park is situated 61 kilometers away from Thrissur. It takes nearly 1 hour 13 minutes to reach the place if traveling by car. You can either drive a private vehicle or hire a cab for the same.

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