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"Hollywood of Kerala, Mini Kochi of the East"

Thodupuzha Tourism

Thodupuzha is a beautiful gateway town located in the Idukki district of Kerala. It is situated at a distance of 200 km from the state’s capital, Trivandrum. Thodupuzha is often regarded as the fastest growing town in Central Kerala, having transformed from a small, riverside settlement to a flourishing industrial and tourist hub. It is called the ‘Hollywood of Kerala’ as the town has been used as a filming location for numerous South Indian movies. It is also called the ‘Mini Kochi of the East’.

Thodupuzha is an ideal destination for nature lovers who wish to lose themselves in the surrounding wilderness and forested hillocks. The natural appeal of this Kerala town is accentuated from the fact that a beautiful stream flows right through the town’s mainland. Thodupuzha is a must-visit for mountain lovers, adventure seekers and anyone looking to relax in the lap of nature.

The name Thodupuzha translates to ‘a small river’, referring to the stream gushing through the centre of the town. This culturally rich town has grown into a bustling industrial hub in recent times. It is a fast developing satellite town of Kochi, whose economy depends on agriculture and businesses. Rubber is the primary crop cultivated in this region, followed by coconut, rice, pepper, banana, ginger, cocoa, turmeric etc. Thodupuzha offers beautiful waterfalls and fascinating wildlife that is bound to excite any nature lover. There are plenty of adventurous activities as well, like rock climbing, trekking along waterfalls and boat rides. Wildlife enthusiasts get to explore the surrounding forested areas for unique species of flora and fauna. Thodupuzha also has plenty of plantations that add to both its scenic as well as industrial value.

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Places to Visit

1. Malankara Dam
Malankara Dam is an upcoming tourist destination. This irrigation project has been constructed across the Thodupuzha River, and the Government of Kerala has launched a Malankara Tourism Project.

2. The Thommankuthu Waterfalls
The Thommankuthu Waterfalls is a popular site of tourist attraction among nature lovers. The gushing water cascades through seven stone steps, leaving one spellbound.

3. Other waterfalls in the vicinity of Thodupuzha include Najandirukki and Kuruvakkayam.

4. The Uravapaara Mountain
The Uravapaara Mountain is a must-visit natural site that is famous for its unique rock formation.

5. There are plenty of forest sections and plantations that can also be explored.

Local Culture of Thodupuzha

Thodupuzha Religious Significance
Thodupuzha has been a cradle of peaceful coexistence and religious harmony. Hindu temples, Christian churches and Muslim mosques all coexist in this quiet, serene town.

Traditional Attires
The women usually dress in traditional sarees whereas the men wear a white dhoti or lungi along with a shirt. Malayalam is the most prominently spoken language in this town, followed by English.

Festivities of the Region
The most celebrated festivals in THodupuzha include Onam, Christmas, Easter, Ramzan, Bakrid and Chandanakudam. Festivals are a time for family get-togethers and are celebrated with lots of zeal. Adimali Fest is a famous festival celebrated in this region. It is a tourism and agricultural festival that had originated in 1991.

Traditional Art and Culture
Kathakali is the classical dance form of Kerala, whose themes are based upon Indian mythologies. Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art that originated in Kerala during the 6th century. It is practised extensively in Thodupuzha even to this day.


Day 1
Reach by morning. Check in to accommodation. Freshen up and head towards Thommankuthu Waterfalls towards noon. You can have a picnic lunch beside the falls and then go to Malankara Dam towards the evening. Retire for the day.

Day 2
Depending on your interests, you can either sign up for adventure activities - trekking, boating, rock climbing - or you can sign up for a scenic tour of the plantations. Retire for the day.

Day 3
The last day can be reserved for some relaxation among nature. You can opt to go on long walks or can also go exploring in the forest regions — departure at night.

Regional History

Thodupuzha is an ancient town whose history dates back to several centuries. Jainism and Buddhism had reached Kerala in 300 BC. They left a significant impact on Thodupuzha, which can is evident through Buddhist relics and other unearthed archaeological artefacts.

Travancore Kingdom
Thodupuzha was once a part of the Travancore kingdom, during which its cultural scenario was highly enriched. It has since seen several reigns and rulers who have each introduced the town to new faiths and beliefs.

Ernakulum District
Thodupuzha was a part of the Ernakulam district at the time of formation of Kerala state in 1956. Idukki district was later formed in 1972 by merging Thoduouzha with other neighbouring taluks.

Traveller Tips

  • Travellers are recommended to avoid visiting during the summers, as the weather conditions tend to get extremely harsh and uncomfortable
  • Also, keep in mind to avoid travelling through forest areas during night.

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FAQs on Thodupuzha

What is famous about Thodupuzha?

Thodupuzha offers the serene company of nature along with plenty of scenic landscapes and thrilling activities.

What is not so good about Thodupuzha?

Summers in Thodupuzha can be harsh and uncomfortable for travellers.

Who should visit Thodupuzha?

Thodupuzha is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

What is the best time to visit Thodupuzha?

The best time to visit Thodupuzha is from August to November. The weather conditions during these months are extremely pleasant and are perfect for all kinds of sightseeing and outdoor activities. January and February also make a great time to visit Thoduouzha, albeit slightly colder. The period from March to July sees an increase in temperatures as well as humidity, causing discomfort.
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What is the best way to reach Thodupuzha?

Thodupuzha is located towards the easternmost portion of the Kerala midlands. Although it does not have its airport or railway station, the town is easily accessible owing to its excellent road connectivity.
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What are the places near Thodupuzha?

The top places near to Thodupuzha are Munnar which is 50 km from Thodupuzha, Alleppey which is located 48 km from Thodupuzha, Kumarakom which is located 29 km from Thodupuzha, Idukki which is located 41 km from Thodupuzha, Vagamon which is located 15 km from Thodupuzha

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