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Mumbra is a town in Maharashtra which is at a distance of 9.8 km from Thane. It is populated by 900,000 people, almost 80 per cent of whom are Muslims. Before the urbanization of its agricultural land, it was home to the fisherman tribes of Agri and Koli. If visiting Mumbra, one can check-off a multifaceted list of activities from their bucket list. This can vary from trekking, shopping, spending a day at the beach and even visiting a wax museum. These explorations aren’t restricted to these enthralling activities. Mumbra’s culture vivaciously depicts tradition, secularism and holds a history of unity in diversity.

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Timings to Visit Mumbra

The best time to visit Mumbra is from October to March. The temperature elevates to up to over 30 degrees Celsius during summers and it becomes difficult to explore the re during daytime due to humidity.

Exploring Mumbra - Sightseeing

If visiting Mumbra, crossing off tarot card reading, long walks on the beach and a visit to the wax museum from the check-list become easier. The city is not restricted to these three options. An itinerary of Mumbra must constitute of the major attractions of the city as follows:

·       Viviana Mall

Time: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Distance: 5.8 km from Mumbra Station
Viviana Mall in Mumbra comprises of boutiques, candy land, theatre, food court and restaurants that are all equally appealing. Presents and souvenirs can easily be bought within the peripherals of this mall.

·       Tarot, Angel and You

Time: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Distance: 15.7 km from Mumbra Station
Mumbra residents a firm spiritual believer, Payal, who has remedies to all the questions, confusions and future ruminations. She expects a visit from significant strata of society who are all provided with satisfactory explanations and answers.

·       Korum Mall

Time: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Distance: 6.2 km from Mumbra Station
Footwear, branded shops, jewellery and food courts with Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, U. S. Pizza, Keventers and Wow Momos are all a part of this franchise. After Viviana Mall, this is the next resort for most locals and tourists.

·       Upvan Lake

Time: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Distance: 6.6 km from Mumbra Station
Upvan Lake is surrounded by trees. The opposite side of the lake provides its visitors with a picturesque silhouette of the city scarpers at sunset. Usually, Upvan Lake is glittering with LED lights for a chic event or concert and buzzling with hordes of fans.

If none of the events are happening, then sitting by the lakeside for a picnic and listening to the birds chirping is no less of time well invested in.

·       KidZania

Time: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Distance: 15 km from Mumbra Station
Mumbra has kept in mind to build community awareness amidst children by helping them mingle together at KidZania. They engage in games that are social and entertaining and help them develop themselves. It’s not only fun but gives children a sense of autonomy that they otherwise might feel deprived of.

·     Snow Kingdom

Time: 11 AM to 9:00 PM
Distance: 9.3 km from Mumbra Station
The Snow Kingdom in Mumbra tries to provide its visitors with a Swiss-like winter experience. There are igloos, snow sports and statues of cartoon characters decorating the place. Be it summer or winter, the Snow Kingdom is exotically exquisite to visit at either way.

There are provisions for jackets, thick gloves and boots for all its visitors. There are packages for school tours with a discount too.

·       Red Carpet Wax Museum

Time: 10 AM to 10:00 PM
Distance: 15.1 km from Mumbra Station
The red carpet wax museums in Singapore were a far way to go to, and so Mumbra has India’s first wax museum within its perimeter. There are wax statues of celebrities like ShahRukh Khan that look almost real.

·       Malgund Beach

Distance: 6.6 km from Mumbra Station
Malgund Beach is the perfect place for long, romantic walks in the evening, an outing with family and friends and to bask in the sun reading a book. The beach does not attract a lot of people, and so being less crowded has become a quiet retreat for wanderers and groups alike.

·       Yeoor Hills

Distance: 8.4 km from Mumbra Station
In-built with evocative scenery, restaurants and stay-in hotels, Yeoor Hills has become a renowned trekking destination. There are vehicles, including four wheelers, allowed inside and so covering the flat land becomes easier.
The place is comparatively much cooler in winters and during rains. Summer is the appropriate recommended time to trek.

·       St. John the Baptist Church

Distance: 5 km from Mumbra Station
St. John the Baptist Church is 400 years old and thus a heritage site from a cultural perspective. Its architecture attracts not only Christians but people from all across India. This quaint place has a school next to it, where marriages take place under the blessings of the priest.

History of Mumbra

Mumbra, in earlier days, was a prime ship-building centre. In the 17th century, it was home to the fishermen tribes of Agri and Koli. A temple dedicated to the deity Mumba Devi is mounted at the top of one of the hills in Mumbra. It attracts many devotees, especially from the local tribes. Between 1968 and 1975, Mumbra underwent urbanization with significant growth in population along with an increase in population density.

However, after the Babar Masjid riots in 1992, there was an influx of Muslims from Mumbai and North India to seek refuge in Mumbra.

Currently, 80 % of residents in Mumbra are Muslims. According to the Thane urban agglomeration, the entire population of the city is 900,000.

How To Reach Mumbra

Mumbra is a town in Maharashtra, which is about 9.8 km away from Thane. This distance can be covered via taxis, autos, cabs, buses and trains due to the well-connected transportation of the city. The approximate time required to cover this distance is 20 minutes.

Most of the trains departing from Mumbai arrive at Thane, and most of the trains from Thane stop at Mumbra Railway Station. Mumbra Railway Station is 10 km from Thane Railway Station, and it should take an approximate time of 20 minutes to cover this distance.

Mumbra Bus Station is at a distance of 12.8 km from the Thane Bus Station. The distance to reach the station can be covered via taxis whose fare starts at INR 22 and keeps on increasing depending on the number of kilometers travelled. There are autos and cabs such as Uber and Ola that make transportation much more convenient. The approximate time required to cover this distance is 20 minutes.

The nearest airport to Mumbra is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which is a distance of 35.5 km from the town. This distance can be covered using either pre-booked or hired taxis from the airport, buses, trains, and cab hiring applications like Uber and Ola.

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