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Q. How would anyone like to travel? Ina group or backpacking and at what budget?

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Nibha Chaudhuri

2 years ago
That really depends on your reason to travel. Whether in a group or solo, Tawang is a beautiful place to visit. However, due to the terrain, it is smarter to backpack because road connectivity isn't (Read More)all that great. Your budget again depends on how you want to spend your time here, but generally it is pretty inexpensive. Food, stay and travel for 3 - 4 days shouldn't cost more than INR 10,000
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Q. What is the Package??

Nibha Chaudhuri

2 years ago
Please fill up this form and our travel partners will contact you and get you the best offers for your trip. Here's the link:

Q. What is the weather in September month?

Nehad Zein

2 years ago
Its the monsoons in Tawang during September. Tawang experiences moderate rainfall.

Q. Is there any direct flights from Delhi to Tawang??

Mikul's Vlog

10 months ago
No, there is no flights to Tawang. Better you reach Guwahati first by flight, then Tezpur by road and after that Tawang. It is worth to mention that u can't reach Tawang from Guwahati in a single day (Read More) due to road condition.
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