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Police Bazar, Shillong Overview

Police Bazar is the major market of Shillong, and a popular shopping haunt for locals and tourists alike. In addition to an array of restaurants, hotels and big brand stores, the Police Bazaar also has a flea market section which is pocket-friendly and draws the maximum number of tourists owing to its traditional handicrafts stores, exquisite Meghalaya merchandise, regional apparels, junk jewellery and the like. The colourful market is thronged by shopping enthusiasts as well as foodies.

Police Bazaar, also known as Khyndailad is the prime shopping hub in Shillong and the ideal place to book a hotel if you are travelling to Shillong. The bazaar is a blend of traditional as well as modern, the chic as well as classic. The extensive collection is why people choose it over Bara Bazaar. The markets are well laid out in the form a huge circle (chowk) right in the middle of the police bazaar with plants and trees, surrounded by 7 roads going away from the circle to the different points in the city. Many roads in Police Bazaar do not allow vehicles, which makes them an excellent stop for street shopping.

Markets & Cafes in Police Bazar

1. Glory's Plaza

Glory's Plaza
Fondly referred to as G.P, this is a multi-storeyed shopping complex famous among the young crowd for their wide collection of Tibetan jewellery, punk rock and Goth style apparel and chic accessories. (Read More) The building remains busy and crowded at all hours of the day, but one can find products at all kinds of prices. For Men, there are a good collection of leather jackets, sneakers and boots and one can bargain well and get a good deal.

2. Megha Emporium and Khasi Emporium

Megha Emporium and Khasi Emporium
Right near the circle are these emporia selling an amazing variety of bamboo and cane-woven bags, baskets, handicrafts and display items. One can also buy silk sarees, jewellery, tribal artefacts from (Read More) them. These emporia are private hence one can bargain hard.

3. State-owned Emporiums

State-owned Emporiums
On heading along the road towards E C hotel, one will find two state-owned Emporiums selling similar products as the private Emporiums, but with no option to bargain. They are larger, offer a wider ra (Read More)nge of products and are more reliable.

4. City Hut

City Hut
Located in Oakland Road in Police Bazaar, the restaurant is styled like a typical village hut, with a chic decor inside, a wishing well, a simulated waterfall with ducks swimming around. The dishes on (Read More)e must try here are the Thalis for which it is famous, momos (Both steamed and fried), Dal Makhani and Mutter Paneer. The North Indian thali costs about INR 250-300. The menu also offers Khasi cuisine, Chinese and Continental options. A meal for two can cost about INR 1000.

5. Jiva Sizzlers

Jiva Sizzlers
Among the popular continental and European cuisine restaurants is the Jiva Sizzlers in Police Bazar. With dim lights, nice music and spacious seating arrangement, this place is a must-visit for their (Read More)lip-smacking pork sizzlers prepared with authentic flavours. Garlic bread, lamb chops, pork chops and soups are a must-try. One can also head to Jiva for breakfast and enjoy the continental breakfast buffet. Meals for two can cost about INR 1000.

6. Trattoria

This tiny canteen styled eatery in Police Bazaar is well known for the indigenous Naga cuisine that it offers. Even though it is a small eatery, it remains crowded with a huge number of locals and tou (Read More)rists. The bestsellers of Trattoria include Jadoh, Jhur Kleh, Pork Thali and Khasi dishes. Meals for two cost about INR 500.

7. Red Rice

Red Rice
This is another restaurant in Police Bazaar, specialising in local cuisine. One must try out their pork meals, pork chilly fry, pork momos and all the pork dishes. The meals prepared here have local l (Read More)entils, local herbs and interesting salads and dips that provide a good meal experience. Meals for two cost about INR 500.

8. Bread Cafe

Bread Cafe
Police Bazaar has a lot of cafes and bakeries and one of them that stands out is the Bread Cafe located in GS Road. The bestsellers from the bakery include the delectable cheesecake, Black forest cake (Read More), fudgy coffee, cheese croissant and chocolate mousse. The pricing for two is about INR 200.

9. Eee Cee Bakery

Eee Cee Bakery
The place is not just a bakery but a full-fledged hotel known to serve excellent mutton keema puffs. Known for its pocket-friendly dishes, it is quite popular among the locals. Eee Cee is an establish (Read More)ed wholesaler of homemade noodles, baked items and crisps which are supplied to several North-eastern cities. One must try their ginger breadman cookies.

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Things to Buy in Police Bazaar

  • Those who are looking for organic farm produce or are fond of cooking can stroll around the local grocery outlets and explore the fresh grocery products they have in store such as orange honey, black mushrooms, fish pickle, pork pickle, pear, peach, fruit jams, preserves, compotes etc.
  • One can find a lot of dried fruit and spices shop targeted at selling items such as fried fish, fried silkworms, bakery items, betel nuts etc.
  • Police bazaar is known for shops that sell smuggled winter clothing items from Thailand such as caps, jackets, sweaters, boots etc.
  • Girls and women can purchase beauty kits from Japan, Korea and China and a wonderful collection of bags and shoes.

What to Eat

When in Shillong, one must first explore the local cuisine of the place and look out for street food. There is a bustling sprawl of shops and street vendors selling delicious food such as spicy chicken cutlets that the locals devour hungrily. Fruit vendors can be commonly spotted selling big red strawberries, raspberries, juicy auburn, charcoal coloured mulberries, tart pale pink sons hang and green Sophie berries. One can visit one such fruit stall and have a quick and refreshing sliced pineapple with salt and chilli powder sprinkled on them. Among the popular street food items one can find in the Police Bazaar, a few are summed below :

Momos: There are plenty of roadside momo stalls where one can enjoy fresh and hot momos with fillings of their choice. Pork and chicken momos are especially quite popular among the locals. 

Jalebis: One thing that binds the locals of Shillong to Delhi or UP people is their mutual love for Jalebis. One cannot miss out the hot piping Jalebis from Delhi Mishthan in Police Bazaar. 

Tungrymbai: People can be seen queuing up at stalls to get their daily fix of Tungrymbai which is a popular local dish of Shillong prepared using fermented soybeans that are grown in Shillong itself. Foodies must try it out because they will not find this dish anywhere else in India. Tungrymbai is best eaten with bread or roti. 

Jadoh: Shillong is well known for Jadoh, a dish made with rice which is a mix of sour and spicy flavours, topped with herbs such as mints, ginger flower, pork meat etc. A popular place to try out Jadoh is Don Bosco Square or Trattoria in Police Bazaar. 

Dohneiiong: Another popular dish one can try out in Police Bazaar is Dohneiiong, a dish made with pork cooked along with black sesame seeds and soy sauce. 

Apart from these, there are many other food items one must try out in the various stalls and restaurants of Police Bazaar such as chilly pork, Pukhlein, Dohkhlieh, Betel leaf, and Chowmein.

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