Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village, Sapa Overview

Cat Cat Village is a Hmong tribe village at the bottom of Muong Hoa Valley. It was established by H’mong and Dzao families in the 19th century. The open-air museum-like village has beautiful traditional houses, rice terraces, handicraft shops, and hiking trails. It is a popular place to visit for tourists interested in the culture and ethnicity of the mountain people inhabiting North Vietnam.There is a fee of VND 25,000 charged for entering the village.

 Located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the hill station of Sapa, the village can be reached by traveling on foot along the well-trodden trails. Tourists are amazed to find the villagers hard at work during the day with the womenfolk weaving and embroidering cloths. The locals are noted for their brocade products and woven fabrics while many also engaged in fashioning jewelry out of gold and silver. The terraced fields on the mountainside are used to cultivate rice and corn mostly while flax is twisted to be sold as handicrafts. Both sides of Cat Cat village paths are lined with quaint shops that cater to the tourists looking for souvenirs. The architecture of the village homes also bear the hallmark of the Black H’Mong tribe.

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Places to Visit in Cat Cat Village

The Village- The actual village can be reached by descending down the hill via a narrow path that happens to be well trodden by visitors. It seems to be akin to a handicrafts fair with the villagers weaving and creating handicrafts outside their homes and in front of the visitors. Most are willing to converse and discuss their way of life with the tourists as well.

Cat Cat Waterfall- The cascading water down the mountainous path is one of the highlights of the village. The water forms a tiny stream at the bottom of Muong Hoa Valley causing the travelers to wade across it to the other side. There is an adjoining 19th century hydro station constructed by the French that is remains in use.

Cat Cat Waterfall

Terrace Fields- The terraced field form a lovely pattern on the hills that evokes wonder among the tourists. People visiting Cat Cat Village before the harvesting time are delighted by beautiful play of colors of the ripe crops that create a unique backdrop for photography.

Exhibition Houses- There are a few houses within the village that are kept open for the tourists. The culture and lifestyle of the villagers are depicted to the visitors via a collection of traditional artifacts.

Things to Do at Cat Cat Village

Photography- The scenic trail amongst the lust greenery interspaced with tiny waterfalls is picturesque providing many Kodak moments.

Trek- It is customary to trek all the way from Sapa to the village amidst picturesque locales and beautiful winding paths that scale up and down the hills.

Communicate with Villagers- Many of the tourists have a good time trying to learn a few words in the local tongue of the Hmong people.

Shop- Traveling all the way to the village and coming back empty handed is a strict no-no. On the contrary, the tourists have fun indulging in souvenir shopping and buying the beautiful handicrafts that are created with cleaver use of natural resources.

Cat Cat Village

Eat & Drink- The tourists are offered a glass of the locally brewed apple wine with many of them sharing a traditional meal prepared by the villagers using the local ingredients.

Watch Bamboo Dance- A small dance performance takes place near the Cat Cat waterfall with the locals showcasing their traditional art and culture. It would be worthwhile to wait for a few minutes in order to watch this unique dance form, not found anywhere else in the area.

Best Time to Visit

It is better to visit the village during the dry season of March to May or anytime between September to November.


1. Wearing light and comfortable clothes along with sturdy shoes is advisable
2. Not all villagers are willing to be photographed. It is, therefore, advisable to ask for their permission before clicking snapshots
3. The shops accept payment in cash only making it important to carry cahs rather than relying on electronic mode of transfer
4. It is advisable to engage an English speaking guide for conversing with the villagers.

How To Reach Cat Cat Village

The Cat Cat village is located on the Mount Fansipan that can be accessed by trekking from Sapa town. There are three different trails to chose from with each passing through diverse locales. However, all of the paths are beautiful but it is advisable to check with the guide about the best one to follow. The return journey would be uphill all the way making it tiring for travelers not accustomed to walking.

The local youth keep their motorcycles ready for carrying the tourists back to Sapa for VND 40,000. However, the ones reluctant to hike may also hire a cab for VND 150,000 to VND 200,000 for a round trip from Sapa Town.

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