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Cong Ca Phe (Cafe), Sa Pa, Sapa Overview

Cong Caphe is a renowned cafe chain which was first started in 2007. One of the outlets is located in the Sa Pa town of Vietnam. Nestled in the northwestern region of Vietnam, Cong Ca Phe in Sa Pa is best known for the Vietnamese coffee. It is everybody’s favorite because of its Communist/ Retro-theme which earned it the title of the best-designed cafes in Vietnam. You can treat yourself with the variety of coffees and juices at the Cong Caphe after a tiring hike in Sa Pa.

Since its inception, Cong Caphe has been driving the youngsters crazy. Not just the local people but also people who are visiting this cafe for the first time also do not forget to mention about this place. Know that the cafe has been expanded to as many as 50 other locations due to customer reviews. Danang, Ho Chi Minh, and Hanoi are some places where you will find Cong CaPhe.

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Interior & Ambience of Cong Caphe

Vietnam is known for its exceptional coffee culture, and in such a city, Cong Caphe stands out because of its distinctive theme. It is based around the 60’s and the 70’s war period of Vietnam. The cafe decorated with Communist decor and Vietnamese war trinkets has been expanding since 2007, majorly because of its theme. The ceiling fans, the red floral cushions, old wooden war chests are typical to this cafe which give the place a soul. One unique feature of this cafe is that it also provides private nooks to its visitors.

Interiors of the Cafe

Even the staff of Cong Caphe is seen wearing the army-inspired attire. The quirky retro vintage decor made of distressed raw timber and concrete surfaces exhibit the wartime conditions which often make the people nostalgic about the past. You will also come across some old war-time propaganda posters, pictures, vintage Zorki cameras, and other memoirs which refer to the wartime in Vietnam. The Cong Caphe at Sapa overlooks the mountains and clouds which creates a friendly and relaxed vibe. Moreover, the dim lights create a mellow aura and have made locals as well as foreigners fond of this place.

Cong Caphe Interior

Cong Caphe Food & Menu

Cong Caphe is known explicitly for its beverages; so the food menu is slightly limited. It has light snacks like croissants, sandwiches, banh mi, peanut candy, a good pick at beers, cocktails, and other refreshing seasonal fruit juices, smoothies, etc. There are some beverages which are unique to this cafe. The coconut coffee is the most recommended beverage by everyone. Besides this, coffee with coconut frozen yoghurt, iced milk coffee, and hot black coffee are a must try of this cafe. The traditional equipment and technique to create a peculiar taste of Vietnamese coffee is a rewarding experience for the visitors. The passion fruit smoothie, bao cap cocktail made with blue curacao, lemonade, and Tabasco sauce are the other best-known beverages of this cafe.

Cong Caphe Vietnamese Coffee
Coffee at Cong Caphe

How to Reach Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe is located in Xuan Vien area of Sa Pa town in northwestern Vietnam. Getting to Sapa town is very easy from any part of Vietnam. Trains are running from all corners along with government and private buses. Trains can cost between 150,000 VND to 3,500,000 VND (INR 447 to 10,440) and buses between 250,000 VND to 350,000 (INR 745 to 1,044). Getting around in Sapa is usually done on foot since the town is small enough and a basic map will help visitors.

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