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Shelter Island, San Diego Overview

Shelter Island is in the vicinity of Point Loma. It isn't an Island, it is a Peninsula neighboring Point Loma. It was originally a sandbank at San Diego Bay that was visible only on low tides. It is connected with the mainland via a strait land. The island is owned and controlled by the Port of San Diego, which administers all the public services of the region. It was developed by the authorities in the 1950s.

 Shelter Island is 1.2 miles long and around a hundred feet broad. The Shelter Island drive that is a single street that stretches up to the length of the island. The Shelter drive also links the island to the mainland via a route furrowed with seafaring & allied businesses.

The island features hotels, restaurants, a yacht club, a public park, and more. This island also encompasses several remarkable public art pieces such as the Yokohama Friendship Bell, The Tunaman's memorial, etc. It also flaunts an outdoor concert spot. You can enjoy the views of the sea from anywhere you are on the island. You can take a sidewalk here, with charming views. Kids can play in the public park area.

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