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Top Things to do in Rohtak

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1. Asthal Bohar Math

Asthal Bohar Math

1,018 km
from city center
1 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

Asthal Bohar is a well-known Math located 7kms from Rohtak in the eastern outskirt of the city. The Math serves as a shelter to the followers of Guru Gorakh Nath who happens to be a fervent devotee of Lord Shiva. It is home to some ancient discoveries, books and relics. Built by Pooran Bhagat, a follower of Guru Gorakh Nath, Asthal Bohar Math was neglected for some years but then brought back to its former glory by Baba Mast Nath. The Math now administers various educational institutions and hospitals.

2. Meham


31 km
from city center
2 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

Meham is a small town in Rohtak well known for its Archeological sites that depict the history of the city. Meham is one of the few sites that have preserved the existence of Indus Valley Civilization. Some temples dotting the place and some mosques and tombs scattered throughout the area give its visitors a history lesson on the Hindu heritage and the Islamic Architecture.

3. Bhindawas Lake

Bhindawas Lake

13,350 km
from city center
3 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

Bhindawas lake is a human-made lake which has transformed itself into a bird sanctuary and in turn a great place to host a picnic. The serene vibe of the surroundings of the Bhindawas lake with the stunning creatures in their natural habitat results in a flood of enthusiastic birdwatchers as soon as the winter ends.

4. Tilyar Lake

Tilyar Lake

12,951 km
from city center
4 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

The most mesmerising 132 acres variegated stretch of Tilyar is a loud call from nature to everyone who seeks peace. Tilyar Lake itself is spread over 20 acres of the area surrounded by water shrubs and forest. The lake attracts a vast array of birds along with their admirers and also the general crowd which craves for a picnic all the while.

5. Durga Bhawan Mandir

Durga Bhawan Mandir

1,155 km
from city center
5 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

Being one of the major religious shrines, Durga Bhawan Mandir grabs the attention that it deserves. The temple welcomes pilgrims from places far away to its massively colourful abode. It is grandly decorated during the Navratri with all the lights and lamps. The festival of Navratri holds very high importance for the devotees of the deity Maa Durga.

6. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

66 km
from city center
6 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is devoted to the Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur. This spiritual place is located near Mata Darwaja Chowk in Rohtak. The divine place of Gurudwara becomes a venue of devotional extravagance during Guru Teg Bahadur Jayanti (Birthday) and all Sikh festivals. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara witnesses some splendid celebrations as well as serve the hungry with a meal of blessings.

7. Splash Water Park

Splash Water Park

1,134 km
from city center
7 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

Every Family or a group of Friends plans of an outing to spend some quality time together. In Rohtak, Splash Water Park is one such destination for families or friends. This place is water and amusement park that has more than 20 rides to enjoy. Some rides are specially designed for kids, and some thrilling rides are designed for older kids (Adults). Splash water park can ensure that the whole group has a fantastic time and help strengthen the bond between everyone.

8. Rohtak Zoo

Rohtak Zoo

2 km
from city center
8 out of 8
places to visit in Rohtak

The Tiliyar Mini Zoo, also commonly known as the Rohtak Zoo, is located in Rohtak, Haryana. It was built in the year 1987 and is currently a popular recreational destination among families. Several scattered zoos were shut down and the development was shifted to the Rohtak Zoo. It houses various animals and a few attractive birds for public showing. The Rohtak Zoo is known for maintaining a beautiful balance of biodiversity with its wide variety of flora and fauna. It is extremely well maintained and caters well to the visitors as well. The Rohtak Zoo is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

FAQs on Rohtak

Can you suggest an itinerary for Rohtak?

All the important attractions in Rohtak can be covered in a day such as the Sites of Meham, Tilyar lake and Rohtak zoo. You can stay in the Tilyar resort or other accommodation services in the city and tour the city for an in-depth understanding of the historical city by visiting other attractions like the Splash Water Park, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Bhindawas Lake and Asthal Bohar.

How can I commute within Rohtak?

Taxis and Auto Rikshaws prove to be a pretty convenient mode of transportation within the city. Some cabs also run between the nearby cities which makes it very easy and a pocket-friendly way to explore the city surroundings. Local buses are the most common transport services that are used by the locals as well as the Tourists.

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What are the top sightseeing places in Rohtak?

The top sightseeing places in Rohtak are Asthal Bohar Math, Meham, Bhindawas Lake, Tilyar Lake, Durga Bhawan Mandir, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.
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