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Timings : 22nd November 2020 to 30th November 2020

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Pushkar Camel Fair, Pushkar Overview

India's greatest tribal gathering, Pushkar Mela is held annually in November from Karthik Ekadashi to Karthik Purnima as per the Hindu calendar. It is a grand travel experience held on a vast scale. People visit the fair to witness the beauty of Rajasthani Culture. Attracting more than 400,000 tourists, funky competitions like 'Matka Tod', 'Longest Moustache', and 'Bridal Competitions', are held during the annual Pushkar Fair. Spread over five days, more than 11,000 cattle, horses and camels are part of this visual spectacle.

Pushkar Mela 2020 Dates

22nd November to 30th November 2020

The Venue of Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar, Rajasthan (11 kms north-west of Ajmer)

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Things To Do at the Pushkar Mela

Hot air balloon ride at Pushkar
Hot air balloon ride at Pushkar
  • Camel safari - It is one of the most exciting features of the fair. The ride on undulating dunes is a mesmerising and an unforgettable experience.
  • Camping - Camping in Pushkar is not ordinary camping. It is an entirely different affair with large luxury tents. The tents have all facilities including butler service. People from all over the world come to camp under the full moon in the dunes.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride - One of the most thrilling activity at Pushkar is the hot air balloon ride to get a fantastic panoramic view of the place. However, this is not for the faint-hearted.

Attractions At The Pushkar Camel Fair

The activities and celebrations take place in the fairgrounds, which is a vast arid landmass at the intersection of the Brahma Temple Road and National Highway 89.

The beautifully dressed camels are indeed the highlight of the fair. Camel parades, camel beauty pageants, camel dance show and the auction of the camels are integral components of the Fair and its main attraction.

Competition of Moustaches
Competition of Moustaches at the Mela

Camel Rides significantly enthral the visitors and stalls of delicious Indian snacks and sweets satiate the hunger pangs of all.
There are some exciting competitions at the fair like Competition of Moustaches where men who have longest and the most beautiful moustache compete for the title. The show of snake charmers and magicians is also a delight at the fair.

Religious Activities at the Pushkar Mela

A few days before the full moon, Bhajans and religious ceremonies take place in various temples of the town. Honouring Brahma, the creator, is the centre of all rituals. Pilgrims offer prayers to Brahma in the temple at Pushkar, which is the only temple of Brahma in the country. On the full moon night, people bathe in the Pushkar lake. The ceremonies are brought to an end by a maha aarti (worship with fire) by the lake and firework displays.

History of the Pushkar Mela

It is believed that 330 million Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu religion had come to Pushkar Lake on the full moon night to sanctify the pious. As a result, thousands of pilgrims come to Pushkar to commemorate the event and redeem themselves. Pushkar is also one of the five dhams or sacred places which are revered by the Hindus.

About Pushkar Mela - Rituals & Traditions 

Pushkar Mela
Sunset at Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela is a 100 years old camel fair which is immensely popular all over the world. It reflects the vibrant culture of Rajasthan through a wide range of events and activities.

The fair has two essential components-camel trading and religious rituals. Camel trading is the main highlight, and it takes place at the beginning of the festival. Gradually, the focus of the fair shifts from trading, competition and activities to religious ceremonies. The activities include camel racing, horse shows, cow and horse beauty contests, acrobatics, camel safaris and a plethora of other exciting events.

The time during which the festival takes place (full moon) is considered to be the most auspicious time to redeem the past sins and wish for something. During this phase, the locals bathe in the holy Pushkar Lake hoping for good things to come their way. Since there are a large number of tourists at the fair, Gujarati and Rajasthani traders gather at the fair and sell paintings, clothes, jewellery shoes etc.

Pushkar Fair 2020 Schedule

Giant Wheels at Pushkar Mela
Giant Wheels at Pushkar Mela

4th to 9th November - Pushkar Cattle Fair
Cattle trading is at its peak during these days along with a variety of cattle contests.

10th to 11th November - Pushkar Cultural Fair
These two days will see some cultural activities like dance shows, music performances sponsored by the Rajasthan State Government.

12th November - Pushkar Festival
This is the Holy Day when people take dips in the Pushkar Lake, and other religious ceremonies take place.

How To Reach Pushkar Mela 2020

Ajmer is the nearest railway station to Pushkar and has trains coming from all major cities of India. Airport located at Kishanganj is the nearest airport which is connected with all major cities too.

Thus, Pushkar Mela is one of the most lively, vibrant and colourful gatherings of people and livestock and is a beautiful celebration in the dunes of Rajasthan.

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