Ajmer to Pushkar

   Ajmer to Pushkar Road Distance 15.3 km
   Ajmer to Pushkar Aerial Distance 10 km
  Ajmer to Pushkar Travel Time 40 mins

How to reach Pushkar from Ajmer

Ajmer is the nearest city for Pushkar and is also where most of the trains stop. It is well connected to Pushkar by road and rail, and there are taxis and buses available throughout the day. Many hotels also offer pick up services from the Ajmer railway station upon prior request.

Knowing The Details

1. Ajmer to Pushkar by Car
2. Ajmer to Pushkar by Bus
3. Popular Routes to Pushkar
4. Popular Routes from Ajmer
5. Places to Visit in Pushkar
6. Hotels in Pushkar

1. Ajmer to Pushkar by Car

The road distance between Ajmer and Pushkar is just 15 kilometers, and it can easily be covered in a mere 40 minutes or so. This makes roadways one of the fastest, easiest and most economical methods of traveling from Ajmer to Pushkar, and this is precisely why so many people prefer this option to others when it comes to traveling between the two. The roads are also quite well built, and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place in peace.

You can either choose to self-drive, or you can also book a cab for yourself. A lot of websites such as Goibibo and Savaari offer cab rental services to their customers, or you can book a cab through a reliable offline cab service provider. Ola and Uber also both have their cab facilities available in Ajmer, and you can opt for Ola Outstation if you wish to book a cab to Pushkar.

Route available:

The fastest route that will lead you from Ajmer to Pushkar is just a 15 kilometers long ride and passes through NH58. You simply need to take the Dargah Road in Arya Nagar to reach NH58 and then continue on the highway for about 14 kilometers till you enter Pushkar.

2. Ajmer to Pushkar by Bus

Yet another feasible option to travel from Ajmer to Pushkar is to board a bus. The journey only takes around 40-50 minutes; and because buses ply frequently on this route, travelers are at the liberty of choosing a bus that best suits their timings. This option of traveling to Pushkar is all the more comfortable for those who are traveling from other parts of the country to Ajmer by a train, since the Ajmer Bus Stand is quite close by to the Ajmer Railway Station, and thus travelers don’t have to waste a lot of time and money in conveyance.

A total of six private operators run eight different buses on this route, and the fastest bus will drop you to your location in just 30 minutes. Bus fares for this route start from as low as INR 85 and then increase depending on the bus that you choose.

The first bus for the day from Ajmer to Pushkar is scheduled to depart at 03:10 a.m., while the last bus departs at 07:45 p.m.
Available Bus Options

Popular Routes to Pushkar

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Ajmer to Pushkar 40 mins 15.3 km
Jaipur to Pushkar 2 hours 32 mins 145 km
Delhi to Pushkar 7 hours 1 min 414 km
Jaisalmer to Pushkar 7 hours 21 mins 461 km
Udaipur to Pushkar 4 hours 42 mins 280 km
Gurgaon to Pushkar 6 hours 7 mins 375 km

Popular Routes from Ajmer

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Ajmer to Pushkar 40 mins 15.3 km

Top Hotels In Pushkar