Here are the top 43 tourist attractions to see in Ooty:

43. Mukurthi National Park

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places to visit in Ooty

The culturally rich South-Indian state - Tamil Nadu – calls out tourists from all around the globe, and there is more than one reason to it. Be it the extravagance of architectural excellence in the form of magnificent temples, the serenity of the scenic beaches and the magical charm of the hill stations, Tamil Nadu is an absolute vacationers’ paradise. With an astonishing assortment of rich flora and beguiling fauna, this state stays buzzed with wildlife enthusiasts as well, and the Mukurthi National Park is the living manifestation of this fact. Previously known as the Nilgiri Tahr National Park, Mukurthi National Park is situated in the western corner of Nilgiris Plateau. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was established with the prime motive of conserving its keystone species – the Nilgiri Tahr.

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