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Timings : 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Entry Fee : Telescope Room - INR 10

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Ketti Valley View, Ooty Overview

Located at a distance of 4 kms from the Ooty Bus Stand on the Ooty Coonoor road, Ketti Valley View is a popular vantage point in Ooty. Boasting of utter tranquillity and surreal setting, the place offers mesmerising views of the resplendent valley below with gushing waterfalls, meandering streams and flourishing wildlife.

The Ketti Valley is one of the most popular valleys in the region, also known as the ‘Switzerland of the Nilgiris’ owing to its lush greenery and picturesque landscape. It is a haven for the nature lovers and also attracts a lot of photographers who come here to capture nature at its best.

The vantage point also has a telescope room to enjoy a closer view of the enchanting surroundings- the valley, hills and mountains. Ketti valley is preoccupied by the Todas and the Badagas tribe who cultivate their own land and grow fresh fruits and vegetable- you can also take a walk down their orchards and meadows.

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Things to Do at Ketti Valley

  1. Sightseeing and Photography

    Soak in the utter serenity and tranquility of the place and capture every moment in your eyes. Revel in the beauty of nature and breathe the fresh mountain air. The valley will provide your with views like you have never experienced before. If you are a photography enthusiast, you will get several moments and quite enchanting nooks to capture in your camera- the sunlight filtering through the trees, the rustle of flowing water, the dainty bridges and ofcourse the magnificent hills. Just to explore the valley is one of the most satisfying things to do here.
  2. Devour Delicious Food at Cafe Culinarium

    Cafe Culinarium is one of the top cafes in the hill town boasting of amazing food and even better views. Nestled in the lap of the green hills and amidst gorgeous scenery, the European style cafe is done up in white and blue decor and has a both indoor and outdoor seating. From the exterior side, you can enjoy gazing at the emerald green meadows sprawling over acres and acres of land, as far as the eye can see. In addition to the scrumptious food, the cafe also has a bar and a souvenir store where you can buy cute little knick-knacks from. Besides, it also has an elaborate collection of books for those lazy Sundays when you want to curl up in a cosy corner all by yourself.
  3. Witness a Mesmerizing Sunset or better still a Sunrise

    One of the most popular touristy activities to do in Ketti Valley is to witness the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises. The sky is splattered with hues of orange, purple and blue haze and with the silhouettes of the mighty mountains, it definitely is a view to watch. However, keep in mind that the early morning and late evening i.e. the dawn and the dusk at the vantage points have biting cold temperatures and strong gushing winds. So remember to carry appropriate clothing.
  4. Take a Tour of the Ooty City Market

    The Ooty City Market is the highlight of the town especially for the tourists. With souvenir shops and quaint cafes occupying both sides of the road, it is best to explore the market on food. You can taste and gorge on some amazing food, most of these cafes are reasonably priced and offer value for money. The souvenir shops also sell knick knacks and cutesy stuff hallmarked ‘Ooty’ like candles, lamps, keychains etc. You can pick some of these up to carry them back home from your memorable trip. The best item although, to buy from these markets are the very popular Handmade chocolates- the ones Ooty is famous for.
  5. Stargaze

    With clear skies and almost no pollution to obstruct the view, the most wonderful thing to do in Ooty is to stargaze. You can also set up a tent of your own, a little on the outskirts of the town and light a bonfire. Or better still just stay put wherever you are, without a tent or a bonfire and enjoy the serene bliss of watching the hypnotising night sky with billions of stars sprinkled all over. If you are a science enthusiast, you can even try and spot the constellations.
  6. Explore the Sister Lakes- Avalanche & Emerald

    Avalanche and Emerald Lakes are situated some 40 kms from the main town and are one of the top tourist attractions near the place. Both these lakes used to be a single unit until a massive earthquake broke them into two in the early 1800s. While the Avalanche Lake developed as a tourist attraction where regular tours are conducted in and around the lake and into the woods, Emerald Lake is near a small village and is best used for agricultural purposes. Although the latter is equally enchanting.

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