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Emerald Lake, Ooty

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Emerald Lake, Ooty, Ooty Overview

Emerald Lake is situated in Emerald Village, around 20-22 kilometres from the main city of Ooty. The lake is a part of the Silent Valley National Park in the Nilgiris District. Serene and away from the maddening crowd, the lake and its surroundings are much cleaner and offer a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely time in the vicinity of nature and quietude. It is one of the unexplored and virgin places of the South Indian hill station, not yet encroached by the masses of tourists that visit the place every year. Emerald Lake is the ideal spot in Ooty for nature lovers. Tourists usually flock there for the picturesque scenic beauty of the lake, and the green Nilgiri slopes and tea plantations surrounding it. It is a paradise for nature photography enthusiasts as the delightful landscape offers a perfect subject and composition. 

Emerald Lake is a popular picnic spot for the locals, being a perfect place to spend a day with your family away from the city crowd and quiet, solitary place. The blue water of the lake and the woods around are home to a number of flora and fauna, and the most visible among them are the different types of domestic birds. Those who take interests in the avian part of the animal kingdom usually are in luck without much of a waiting. Tourists can also indulge in trekking and mountain-biking along the sides of the lake for a better experience of the place around. If you are not into all that excitement, then you can sit with a fishing rod or a book or simply in silence taking in the breathtaking view.

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1. The tourists and picnickers who come here enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna. They can have fun feeding the fish which gather in groups along the bank of the lake or let the children do it while they capture the beautiful moments. Photography here is absolutely free.
2. Emerald Lake is home to a number of colourful native birds. Bird-lovers and ornithologists can spend hours here studying and observing different types of aerial and aquatic birds which flock here in groups. The place has the silence and peace required for the devoted hobby or job of bird-watching.
3. The lake is perfect for those who are into Nature Photography, with an open sky, blue water and lush green all around serving as brilliant frames for capturing.
4. Witnessing the sunset and sunrise in the Emerald Lake is a lovely experience that should not be missed.  The sun shimmers in the lake's ice cold, blue water and it creates a fantastic picture to behold.
5. The Tea Gardens around the lake is a good place to spend some time, as these are experiences which are not so readily available in the urban areas.
6. The lake area does not have any recreational facilities on its own, but The Red Hill Nature Resort, located a little further from the shore, arranges for its boarders activities like trekking, mountain biking, bird-watching and fishing to indulge in around the lake region.

Tourists can buy tea-leaves from the tea-shops nearby. Nilgiri Tea is famous for its strong flavour and here, top-notch products can be found. It can be bought directly from the factory or from any of the other outlets. There is assurance of quality, quantity and authenticity.

Even though a more or less open area, the Emerald Lake has washroom facilities. The place is open 24 hours and there is no entry fee applicable, even though night time is not safe to visit the place. There are no restrictions on photography or videography either in camera or mobile.


Emerald Lake has a free entry and opens 24 hours for the tourists, but it is better to visit during the day-time since the lake has dense mountain forests around and can be unsafe in the dark due to wild animals. The ideal time to visit is during the sunrise and sunset. The light of dawn and dusk plays beautifully in the blue waters of the lake and creates a lovely scene. The best time of the year will be April to June and September to November so that the sky is clear and not overcast with clouds.

Emerald Lake falls on the way to Avalanche Lake and Dam and can be reached by car. There is no immediate bus route connecting Ooty or any major city to the lake. You ought to drive down the Woodcock Road and then the Lake Road to reach here in around 40 minutes.

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