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Brahmani Keni

on Gurudongmar Lake 3 years ago
"IT?S TRULY SERENE!!" The trip to this region will disconnect you from the world and connect you with nature. The Lake is auspicious in nature and beautiful for one?s eyes. For either reason, one mus (Read More)t visit this place at least once in a lifetime. The best eatery is chicken momos, noodles, Thukpas, Maggi and masala tea. Also a small do not forget to carry ginger and camphor for high altitude sickness.

Tarak Paul

on Gurudongmar Lake 3 years ago
The lack is really beautiful. Mother nature has preserved it for us. Must visit at least once. It takes 3-4 hour to reach from Lachen. I have visited in April, 2018. We stayed in Lachen and next day (Read More)morning we started the journey to lake. Spending more than 30 minutes was difficult me. So we came back after 30 minutes. Do visit the lake if you have a plan to go to Gangtok.

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Q. I'm going to Sikkim for 5 days, How will i tour please tell me..Will it cover in 4 days North Sikkim and East Sikkim?


3 years ago
Covering East and North Sikkim in 4 days is quite difficult considering the terrain. You can cover major attractions and enjoy your time in Sikkim. You can download Gangtok PDF guide and North Sikkim (Read More) PDF guide from the following links respectively to help you in your journey -

Q. Which is best? 2 days in North Sikkim (Lachung) or 1 day in Pelling and 1 day in Yuksom?

Sandeep Sarkar

3 years ago
1 night in Lachung doesnt worth. I stayed for 2nights so i got ample amount of time to visit the village and get easy with the locals. They are wonderful.

Q. What's the best way to get to North Sikkim from New Delhi?

Kumar Kislay

3 years ago
It would be best to take a flight to Bagdogra which is about 124 km from Gangtok. Cabs and other services are easily available in Gangtok.

Q. Which is best? 2 days in North Sikkim (Lachung) or 1 day in Pelling and 1 day in Yuksom?

Kaveesh Nair

3 years ago
Both the trips are quite beautiful, however I would personally suggest 2 days in Lachung. The drive from Gangtok to Lachung is quite beautiful and you'll come across many view points such as the seve (Read More)n sister water falls and the naga water falls, reaching Lachung in the evening. On day two you can visit the valley of flowers which is quite a stunning place to visit. It is 24km from Lachung, and is popularly known as the summer grazing ground of the yaks and winter playfield of the yetis. On your way back you can visit the hot springs which are said to have various medicinal porperties. Morning of the third day, you can begin your ride back to to Gangtok and stop at the Bheema and twin falls, which are quite wonderful.
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