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Nestled amidst a canopy of dense Deodar trees, Landour is a quaint town in Uttarakhand located along the lower western Himalayas. It is a small cantonment town that surprisingly derives its name from the Welsh village of Llanddowrer and is teeming with history that dates all the way back to the British-era. Landour's cozy setting and pristine natural beauty gives off a soothingly positive vibe, ideal for one to rejuvenate their senses.

Landour sits about 980 ft above Mussoorie. The two twin hill stations have collectively been given the name of "The Queen of Hills" for their spellbinding beauty and tranquility. It is in close proximity with Dehradun (33km) as well as the neighbouring hamlets of Tehri, Chamba, Dhanaulti and Chakrata. It is within 200 km of the majestic Himalayan peaks of Gangotri, Yamunotri and Kedarnath which on a clear day, can be viewed with a naked eye. The serene landscapes of Landour make it a popular weekend getaway for travel enthusiasts looking to escape the clamor of city life.

Places to visit in and Around Landour

1. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba
Situated at over 7700ft, Lal Tibba is the highest point in Landour. It is the ideal viewpoint to capture the serene landscapes of the Garhwal peaks and to catch a glimpse of the picturesque colors of (Read More)the sky during sunrise and sunsets which is why it is frequented by tourists. Lal Tibba is also home to the towering transmitters belonging to All India Radio, Doordarshan and the military who have their repeater stations established in this area.

2. Kellogg's Memorial Church and Language School

Kellogg's Memorial Church and Language School
Built in 1903 and named after Dr. Samuel Kellogg, the Kellogg’s Memorial Church is yet another tourist frequented location. This is said to have been the institution where the British were taugh (Read More)t Hindi. The gothic architectural style and rustically designed interiors takes one back in time to the Victorian era and is thus, a must visit location.

3. St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Church
St. Paul's Church is an Angelican church established in 1839. It is one of the oldest establishments of Landour which is a stellar example of English architecture. The church is of great historical si (Read More)gnificance as one can find records and remnants of the revolt of 1857, the collective uprising of the Indians against the British rule. It has a capacity of about 250 people and intricately designed interiors which attracts travellers in large numbers.

4. Char Dukan, Mussoorie

Char Dukan, Mussoorie
Set in the scenic hill-station of Mussoorie, concealed from the clamour of the mall road, Char Dukan is an iconic collection of four shops sitting side by side, which have served foodies since time im (Read More)memorial. Every year, this row of quaint eateries is inundated with ravenous vacationers who, after a tedious walk through Mussoorie, are waiting to pounce on the likes of pancakes, Wai-Wai, Pakoras and shakes.

5. Jam Tasting at the Prakash Store

Jam Tasting at the Prakash Store
Established in 1928, Prakash Store has been supremely famous for its jams and marmalades. The store sits in the Sister’s Bazar, secluded from the boisterousness of the Mall road. They sell chees (Read More)e, apple mint chutney and peanut butter of the utmost quality and taste, a standard they’ve maintained for almost a century now.

6. Trekking Through Nag Tibba

 Trekking Through Nag Tibba
Located at about 16km north of Landour, standing at an astounding 9,900ft is the Nag Tibba peak which offers stunning views to the mountain ranges of Bandarpoonch, Swargrohini etc. Nag Tibba is especi (Read More)ally famous amongst hikers as it is home to an adventurous 16km long trail to Bhatwadi village through lush green forests and scenic beauty. The radiant sunshine from above, fresh mountainous air around and thick cloud cover below the summit make for a truly sumptuous experience.

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Cafes of Landour

1. Landour Bakehouse: The Landour Bakehouse is one of the most iconic bakeries in all of Landour. It has retro-styled interiors, creaky old wooden flooring and an aroma that can tingle one's taste buds. It’s the best place to kickback and dive into a book with a freshly brewed coffee on the side, or to enjoy an array of different mouthwatering desserts while staring out the window at the magnificent deodar trees.

2. Klicks Cafe: Klick’s is an offbeat cafe located in Lal Tibba, with a mountainous vibe to it. The place is a massive tourist hotspot, especially for its heavenly homemade brownies, hot steamed momos and croissants. The cafe also has a telescope installed on its roof, so one can view the snow-covered ranges whilst enjoying their meals.

3. Cafe Ivy: Run by a group of friends and set in a scenic space, Cafe Ivy is the place to be for spending quality leisure time. The place is patronized mostly by students as they serve delicious varieties of pizzas, pastas, maggi as well as hookah accompanied by splendid views of the valley all around, making for a surreal experience.

4. Doma’s Inn: Doma’s Inn is an offbeat Bhutanese restaurant, painted with traditional tibetan motifs and is one of the best places in Landour for people craving to savor authentic Asian food. Momos, Thupkas and Soups with excellent presentation, shared over a few laughs, make for a wonderful experience out here. The place also has rooms for one to stay in, but it mostly sees visitors looking to dine.


Landour is replete with immensely diverse flora and fauna. It sits cozily in the middle of a dense forest of Deodar Cedars, Himalyan Oaks and Chir Pine trees which are home to more than 350 species of birds, both endemic as well as migratory. The forests in this region are blessed with wildlife too. Animals like Jackals, Barking Deers, Sloths are easily spotted by tourists. If one is lucky, they may even spot a leopard or two, prowling about the jungle.

Best Time To Visit Landour

The best time to visit Landour are the summer months, i.e. from April to May as the town is bustling with activity. The days are warm with clear skies and temperatures reach about 30 degrees celsius, while nights are cool and breezy and the mercury falls to 10 degrees. While one can make do with cotton clothes during the day, woolen clothes are recommended at dusk to thwart the chilly winds.

How to Reach

By Air
The nearest airport, Jolly Grant, is about 60km away in Dehradun and is well connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. One can take volvos or public buses from Dehradun terminus and reach Mussoorie, afterwhich Landour is just a stroll away.

By Rail
Rail connectivity to Dehradun is also excellent from cities like Lucknow, Amritsar, Haridwar etc. The station is about 40 km away from Landour from where one can charter private cabs or board direct buses to Landour.

By Road
For people living within Uttarakhand or in bordering states, travelling by road is another viable option. Uttarakhand is endowed with an excellent network of roads with a complementary view of the scenery alongside, which is why many tourists from these areas prefer this mode of transportation.

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