Mussorie’s George Everest House Is All Set To Get a Star Gazing Site Makeover

The George Everest House in Mussorie will soon be renovated into a stargazing site. The house which offers a spectacular view of Doon Valley and pristine Himalayas is in a dilapidated state at present but will be restored by the State Tourism Board of Uttarakhand to attract tourists.

Brief History Of the George Everest House!

Earlier, this house was home to Sir. George Everest, a surveyor-general of India from 1830-1843 during the time of the British Raj. He is one of the well-known generals of British times after whom the world’s highest peak is named. Sir George Everest lived in this house for around 11 years after he purchased it from General Whish. Built in 1832, the house is only six kilometres away from Gandhi Chowk in Mussorie.

Why the Overhaul?

Although the house offers a breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas and the beautiful Doon Valley, it lost its charm with time as it was abandoned and neglected by the tourists and the administrative staff for many long years. It is covered in Graffiti, and some parts of the house have been vandalized too. Only a few enthusiastic explorers and locals visit the place to witness the scenic beauty. In a move to change the scenario and increase the growth of tourism in the area, the tourism board came up with the idea of restoration. The Ministry of Tourism has allotted around 23 crores for renovating the house, and it is set to complete by this August. The intention behind this is to promote tourism and bring back the charm of the place. The Everest house is also very close to Mussorie, which in turn will boost the incoming of tourists.

Highlights Of the Restoration

The state tourism board has taken an initiative of developing the house into a stargazing site where few arrangements are said to be made around the house so that the tourists will be able to lie under the sky and gaze upon the stars. It also decided to have a cartography museum and the house will be taken care of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Corporation after it is refurbished.

This post was published by Harshitha Pudota

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