Here are the top 13 tourist attractions to see in Meerut:

1. St John's Church

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places to visit in Meerut

The Saint John's Church is one of the oldest churches in Northern India and also one of the biggest with 3000 people seating capacity. It was constructed by the East India Company between 1819 and 1821 and comes under the diocese of Agra. The church is built on a very traditional style and has lush greenery surrounded by it. The motto of the parish is Unity, Witness, and Service which is strictly followed there.

2. Digambar Jain Temple

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places to visit in Meerut

For a fascinating insight into Jain culture and tradition, the Digambar Jain temple holds all the answers. Said to have been built by the Gods themselves, this temple houses two important altars. The shrine of Tikal Wale Bala is believed to be generous – all wishes are said to be granted by this ancient deity. The main idol of Bhagwan Parshwanath is seven feet tall and decked with beautiful silks. Five minor altars complete the temple, with tall spires as well. The temple complex was recently renovated, giving it a new and improved façade. The snake sculptures that adorn the top are noteworthy. The six-feet tall statue of Mahaveer is stunningly intricate.

3. Draupadi-ki-Rasoi

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places to visit in Meerut

Translating to ‘Draupadi’s Kitchen’, this monument is set on the banks of the Buriganga River. Legend has it that Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, cooked meals here for the rest of the family. When the Pandavas stayed at Hastinapur on exile, Lord Krishna is believed to have visited them. When he asked for a meal, Draupadi had nothing to offer him. Krishna is said to have produced a miracle vessel which produced an unlimited supply of sumptuous food in Draupadi’s kitchen, and the site marks this incredible feat. Today this region is a favourite picnic spot, right next to Draupadi Ghat.

4. Shapir

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places to visit in Meerut

Shapir or Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah is a mausoleum constructed during Mughal Era by the queen, Noor Jahan. It was built in 1628 to honour a local Muslim Hazrat Shahpeer who is said to be the teacher of the Emperor Jahangir and physician/advisor to the queen. The garden and adjacent pillars make Shapir a unique location in the city. The monument is built of stark red stones that present a catchy visage in the evening sky. There is a religious fair held in this building annually during the month of Ramadan, and a large number of people gather here for holding prayers on important days.

5. Vidur Ka Tila

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places to visit in Meerut

If you want a slice of history, Vidura Ka Tila is the place to be. Watch the epic of the Mahabharata play out as you visit Vidur Ka Tila; an archaeological site is full of 50-60 feet tall mounds. The area is said to be the former abode of Vidura, the intellectual minister of the Kauravas. The half-brother of Pandu and Dhritarashtra, Vidura is popular among the locals for his wit and sound advice. Located on the banks of the serene river Buriganga, this is an ideal picnic spot for your family. Sunset views from Vidur Ka Tila are stunning!

6. Augharnath Mandir

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places to visit in Meerut

The Augharnath Temple is an important landmark in Meerut. It is also known as the Kali Paltan Mandir. The Augharnath Temple is the oldest Shiva temple in the city and also the most frequented. It is famous as the Shiva linga over here is believed to have self-originated. The temple’s historical significance stems out from the fact that it played an important role during the Freedom Struggle. Being a predominantly Shiva Temple, the Augharnath Temple is flocked by hundreds of devotees on occasions like Mahashivratri and Purnima.

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7. Suraj Kund temple

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places to visit in Meerut

For a distinctive holiday experience in the lap of peaceful nature, Suraj Kund is the place to be. Built by Lawar Jawaharlal, a businessman, in the early eighteenth century, the temple boasts of a pond filled from the waters of various significant canals. The Baba Manohar Nath temple close by is a popular tourist destination as well. It is said that all of the devotees’ desires are fulfilled after praying here. The Mansa Devi temple nearby is a must-visit as well. You can offer incense or garlands to the deity, and contemplate life in the quiet temple complex.

8. Hastinapur

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places to visit in Meerut

Hastinapur is an ancient town which was the centre to the glorious tales of the epic Mahabharata. Situated on the banks of Ganga near Meerut in UP, Hastinapur is also the birth place of three Jain Teerthankara, and it has become an important centre of pilgrimage for the Jains. It was the capital of Kauravas and was ruled by the Pandavas after winning the Mahabharata. From that era to this, the city has come along a long way but it is still known as the town of Mahabharata. It is fascinating in its own way and as it has lived through ages, it has also kept the spirit of mythology alive. Being an important part of the epic, every nook and corner of the city has been a part of it in some way and thus the locals have fascinating stories to share.

9. Shahid Smarak

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places to visit in Meerut

Shahid Smarak memorial is built on the remembrance of 1857 revolt and one of the most seasoned and well-maintained place. National holidays such as Independence Day and Republic day are celebrated here. This pillar is made out of marble and also houses the Government Freedom Struggle Museum in the same complex. The best time to visit the place is during mornings and evenings.

10. Gandhi Bagh

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places to visit in Meerut

Gandhi Bagh is one of the oldest parks in Meerut which was set up by East India Company. It is located on Mall Road, not very far away from the city and is famous for the musical fountain show which happens every evening. Currently, the place is maintained by the Meerut Cantonment Board who is trying to elevate the park to the next level by adding beautiful children play area, car rides, boat rides, and even camel rides. This famous British spot has lush greenery with mango, mulberry, and bamboo trees. They also have a walking trek path, terracotta park, and cricket ground. It makes a perfect spot for a family picnic or anyone to spend the day with a green layer.

11. Bhole ki Jhaal

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places to visit in Meerut

Bhole ki Jhaal is an important dam that is responsible for providing most of the electricity in the Meerut region. It is also commonly called Salawa ki Jhaal. The area around this dam is a popular picnic spot in the city. It is frequented by both locals and tourists to take in the natural beauty and tranquillity that it has to offer. Many consider it an ideal hangout spot as they get to relax without having to pay anything for entry. Some even choose to go for a swim. The waters don’t run very deep here so those who don’t know how to swim can also enjoy. Moreover, there is a Shiva temple in the dam’s vicinity.

12. Fantasy World Water Park

1,183 km
from city center
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places to visit in Meerut

The Fantasy World Water Park in Meerut is truly a fantastic amusement cum water park catering to the thrills to visitors. It is a must-visit getaway destination to spend a relaxing and fun day with your friends or family. Fantasy World Water Park guarantees a day of thorough and wholesome fun. It boasts of numerous thrilling water rides that make for an exciting and memorable experience.

13. Mustafa Castle

1 km
from city center
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places to visit in Meerut

The Mustafa Castle, one of the historic and grand landmarks in the city of Meerut was built in the memory of Nawab Mustafa Khan Shaifta, a renowned poet and critic of his era, by his son, Nawab Mohammad Ishak Khan in 1900. The castle is popularly recognised for its distinguished architecture and its historical importance. During the independence struggle of India, the castle was transformed into a haven for political proceedings and bore some of the most significant events in the history of India. Choices of the finest wooden furniture, paintings and various arts and artefacts from all over the world remarkably mark the grandeur of the castle. Its architecture and interiors still capture the essence of lifestyle and enriching tastes of the Nawabs of those times. The Mustafa Castle till date is considered to be one of the greatest epitaphs built in the history of India.

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