Meerut Witnessed Pop-Up Of Endangered Gangetic Dolphins: Netizens Cannot Keep Their Calm

COVID-19, though a nightmare to humans, seems to be doing a good deed with regards to Mother Nature and her affiliate creatures. Every other day, the world receives the news, of rare and endangered animals reclaiming their spaces, which had been snatched away by humans for various purposes. After Olive Ridleys, Snow Leopards, Pink Flamingos, Nilgai, Sambar Deer and many more, the Gangetic Dolphins, which is an endangered freshwater dolphin, enraptured people with their brief pop-up in Meerut.
This piece of excitement was tweeted by Akash Deep Badhawan, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer. He stated that the Gangetic Dolphins, the national aquatic animal of India, which is now listed as endangered, once lived in the freshwater river system of Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna. He added that in their original area of habitation, water currents are comparatively slow and fishes aplenty. Humans in their struggle to earn a living resort to make the dolphins, one of their catches, along with other types of fishes. Even today, they are sometimes tracked down for their flesh and oil.

He further added that they were discovered in the aforementioned region in 1801. These breeds of dolphins are practically blind as they have tiny slitted eyes and make use of ultrasonic sounds to hunt down their prey. They can be found either in groups, usually, parents and offspring or all alone.

The officer’s tweet has become an internet sensation, with over 30K views. After repeatedly assuring humans of the harm that they have imposed on fellow mates of the Earth, the popping up of the endangered dolphins is yet another reminder that human activities seriously need to be looked into thoroughly.

This post was published by Mayengbam Tommy

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