Places To Visit In Mauritius

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Sub-Region: Indian Ocean, East of Africa

Here are the top 131 tourist attractions to see in Mauritius:

127. Maa Durga Murti

5,848 kms
from city center
127 out of 131
places to visit in Mauritius

The paradise island of Mauritius is a Hindu majority country and quite interestingly inhibits 670,000 Hindus, which is quite a considerable number, given the picturesque and tiny geography of the island. It is the only island off the coast of Africa with such a major Hindu population. You can find some Hindu temples spread out all over Mauritius. Navratri is an auspicious occasion that is grandly celebrated by the Hindus on the island. The 2017 Navratri celebrations were even more special as Mauritius made all the Hindus in the country and around the globe very proud by building the tallest Durga Mata statue in the world!

128. Trou d'Eau Douce

4,512 kms
from city center
128 out of 131
places to visit in Mauritius

Looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate yourself away from the hectic schedule of a monotonous life? Mauritius provides you with a picturesque and beautifully peaceful destination to end all your search. Trou d’ Eau Douce – the tourist hub of the eastern Mauritius. With a number of beaches lined up, it has a breath taking scenic beauty. And the best part is that Ile Aux Cerf, the most sought after beach of Mauritius is at a stone’s throw from here.

129. Ile Aux Cerfs

4,516 kms
from city center
129 out of 131
places to visit in Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs Island, also known as “Deer Island”, is a private island located near the east coast of Mauritius. There aren’t any deer left here, but it remains a hugely popular tourist spot for its beautiful beaches, lagoons, and wide variety of activities and facilities. With homestays and hotels available on the island, Ile aux Cerfs is ideal for both day trips and multiple-day stays.

130. Triolet

32 kms
from city center
130 out of 131
places to visit in Mauritius

Triolet is a village located in the Northern part of the island country Mauritius. Situated in the Pamplemousses district, Triolet has quite a few exciting and significant historical places to visit. The best part of visiting this place is to experience a helicopter sightseeing opportunity. Besides these, Triolet also has spas and wellness centres, which reflects the perfect amalgamation of traditional and holistic methods of healing therapies.

131. Domaine De L'Etoile

9,580 kms
from city center
131 out of 131
places to visit in Mauritius

Previously a private hunting domain, the Domaine de L’Etoile in Mauritius is now a famous tourist attraction that extends over 1200 hectares and has become a significant hub for adventure and leisure activities, as well as for ecotourism. The natural private reserve was recently opened to the public, but despite the large footfall that the area witnesses, it continues to be one of the most preserved regions of Mauritius.

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