Estellencs, Majorca Overview

A completely laid back village, Estellencs is a place where one can go for a weekend retreat to find solace. It consists of the warm stone buildings that are scattered around the rolling hills. You can observe the best view of the village if you climb down the hill.

This quiet, little, yet popular village of Estellencs is located within the World Heritage site of the Tramuntana mountain range. The village offers the authentic flavor of rural Majorca. Walkers and cyclists are mainly attracted to this area so that they can explore. The journey to Estellencs is brilliant as on one side you can see the changing mountain faces and on the other you can see the deep blue Mediterranean sea. There is a restaurant called Es Grau which is a must visit as you enter the village. The view from its terrace is mesmerizing. There are a lot of walking trails in this area and the most famous one is the climb to Mount Galatzo.

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