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Arthur's Seat Trek, Mahabaleshwar Overview

Chandragad is a hill fort in Maharashtra, while Arthur Seat is a hill point in the Mahabaleshwar range of mountains. These two destinations are often visited together and they make for a thrilling trekking experience.

Chandragad is a small fort. It has a Shiva linga and a small, stone Nandi bull at the top. A few water cisterns and tanks are also present. Arthur Seat point, known famously as the queen of all points, is situated at an elevation of about 4400 feet from the ground. It was named after Sir Arthur Mallet, a British officer. It offers a sumptuous view of the entire Mahabaleshwar range along with the forts of Pratapgad and Chandragad. One can choose to trek either from Chandragad to Arthur Seat point, or in the opposite direction.

Photos of Arthur's Seat Trek

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