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Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid Overview

Considered as one of the famous landmarks of the city, Plaza de Cibeles is a square which has a neo classical complex of marble sculptures and fountains. It is situated at the intersection point of Calle de Alcala, Paseo de Recoletosa and Paseo del Prado. There are four marvellous buildings that dominate the square: The Bank of Spain, the Palacio de Linares, the Palacio de Buena vista and the Cybele Palace.

The Cibeles fountain is now considered to be the icon of Madrid. Plaza de Cibeles in located in the heart of the city and it portrays the Greek goddess of fertility and nature, Cybele, sitting on a chariot holding a scepter along with a key, who is being pulled by two lions. The pull of wild lions signify the power of the goddess or of nature. It was designed by Ventura Rodriques in 1782. Some say that the source of this fountain goes back to the times when Madrid was a Moorish settlement. Real Madrid football team has unofficially adopted the fountain and they use it as a meeting point for its fans when they win a cup. There are many interesting architectural jewels that can be found on the four corners of the square formed by the intersection of the roads. The Palacio de Buenavista, Palacio de Linares and some other buildings are worth having a glance. Palacio de Comunicaciones is also present there which is now the headquarters of the Madrid city hall.

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