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Chakrapani Temple, Kumbakonam Overview

Chakrapani Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu (locally known as Chakrapani) located in the Kumbakonam city of Tamil Nadu. One of the most prominent temples in the area, the shrine has a magnificent idol of Lord Vishnu with his chakra (discus) to bring down the pride of Surya- the Sun God, who subsequently became his devotee. Boasting of striking architectural finesse, the temple also houses a statue of King Sarfoji II who is also worshipping Lord Vishnu.

The temple has peculiar similarities to Shiva temples. Just like Lord Shiva, the chief idol of Lord Vishnu has a third eye. Another similarity is the performance of Vilva Aarti which is a generally performed in Shiva temples. Wheat Porridge is the special offering given to the deity and the idol is worshipped with Bilwa leaves. The temple is abuzz with tourists and devotees alike all through the year.

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Legend of Chakrapani Temple

The most prominent legend associated with Chkrapani Temple goes on to say that once Lord Shiva sent his discus (chakra) called as Sudarshana to kill King Jalandasura. Sudarshana during his journey happened to appear through river Kaveri where God Brahma was taking a bath. Impressed by its prowess, Brahma installed the image of Sudarshana at the spot where the temple is now constructed. In the process, Surya, who was glowing vivaciously diminished due to Sudarshana Chakra. To get back its light, it prayed to Sudarshana and restored its powers. From then on, Vishnu attained the name of Chakrapani.

Architecture of Chakrapani Temple

The temple is noted for its beautifully sculpted pillars. Besides the five tiered rajagopuram, the temple has impressive granite walls circumferencing all shrines. The presiding deity of Lord Vishnu has eight arms, each with a weapon and a third eye on its forehead; and is installed in the inner sanctum on an elevated platform. The structure has the outer Prakara in the form of a balcony and an eastern and western entrances known as “Thatchinaya Vayil” and “Utharavana Vayil” respectively. Other idols in the temple include a panchmukha (five faced) Hanuman, King Serfoji II worshipping Lord Vishnu, Agampara Vinayakar, Panchamuga Aancheneyar and Vijayavalli.

How To Reach Chakrapani Temple

Chakrapani Temple is located in the heart of Kumbakonam city 2 kms from the city railway station, and is easily accessible in hired taxi- cabs, autos or state-run buses.

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