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Nestled amidst the pretty pristine woods of Shenduruney forests, Rosemala is a well kept secret of Kerala. Located in the Aryanvaku in the Kollam district, the valley appears the unfurling petals of a rose, hence the name. The highlight of the place is that it can only be reached by a 10 km long trek through the jungle.

Boasting of panoramic vistas of the gorgeous surroundings, the major attractions of the place are the beautiful woods, a watch tower and the lake. The tourists are welcomed to watch sweeping views of the surroundings and of the lake from the watchtower and also of the mighty Thenmala Dam. The beautiful valley abounds in the bounty of nature and is a mesmerizing place to visit.

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Trek to Rosemala

Rosemala can only be reached through a 10 km trek across the dense jungle. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you should totally experience this thrilling trek. On the way, there are beautiful views of the green hills in the backdrop and several tinkering streams crisscrossing the forest path. Alternatively, you can also take a jeep or an SUV if you don’t want to venture out on foot.

Start from Darbhakkulam which is a beautiful pond close to the starting point of the route. Darbhakkulam was originally known for a rare plant called Poa cynosuroides which was used in Hindu rituals. Currently, the place boasts of a rich wildlife. You can find vibrant butterflies and varieties of mushrooms and several species of frogs. You can also see the reflection of the green hills in the clear waters of the lake beneath which little fish keep dancing.

A little further on the path, there is the famous Rosemala watchtower. From the tower is visible the mighty Thenmala Dam in all its entirety and glory. Here you can also enjoy  the mesmerising sunrise and sunsets. After the watchtower, head to Pallivasal which is another junction on the trek. 2 km further into the trek is a lake where you can enjoy boating. The boat takes you to the meeting point of the rivers Umayar, Shenduriniyar and Uriliyar. The spot offers breathtaking views and is a visual delight.

Things to Do in Rosemala

  1. Rosemala is a hidden destination in Kerala and hence is not very known, even in the region. It is therefore preserved in its virgin state and is not visited by a lot of tourists. You can soak in the serenity of nature and relax and unwind here amidst bounteous nature, away from the chaos and din of the city.
  2. Ganapathikunnu View Point is the major highlight of the place that is a vantage point. From here, you can watch the mesmerising views of not only the Thenmala Dam reservoir but also of the pristine lake. There are also surreal views of the coiling valley available below.
    Views of Thenmala Dam
  3. On the way to the watchtower, there are several tea stalls and maggi points on the way that serve delicious refreshments to satiate your hunger pangs. Aside from good food, you can also hear the exciting tales of the locals.
  4. Venture out in the dense jungles. On the trails leading inside, you can spot several herds of elephants roaming around freely. However, stay alert and if possible, take a guide along with you.

Rosemala: The Village

Rosemala also has an interesting history. It is believed that a British man once bought a huge estate here and named it after his wife who was called Roselyn. People gradually started settling in and at present around 250 families live inside the woods now. The village is one of the best examples of eco-living as the village completely functions on solar power. 

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