Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam

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Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam Overview

Located in the Western Ghats in the Kollam district of Kerala, the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area that serves as the natural habitat for a myriad of plants, birds and animals, and provides them with a safe reclusive spot, far away from the dust and dirt of city life. The sanctuary was established on 25 August in 1984 and is presently under the control of the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. This majestic site is like a treasure trove for all nature lovers, photographers, archaeologists and biologists since the place is home to endless flowering plants, birds and trees. The vast floral and faunal variety that is found here is what attracts tourists from all across the country, and lures them to come and spend a day in silence and tranquillity.

Spread over an area of 172 square kilometres, the sanctuary also boasts of being home to an artificial lake that is around 18 square kilometres in size and is surrounded by the reservoir of the Thenmala Dam. According to specific archaeological studies that were recently conducted here, the wildlife sanctuary has been home to some of the oldest and earliest river valley civilisations of the country, some of which were even older than the Indus Valley civilisation. These findings have now also added an archaeological aspect to the site, and the popularity of the sanctuary has now doubled. Interestingly, the first eco-tourism project in India, known as the Thenmala Eco-tourism Project, was also formulated in and around the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Flora and Fauna at Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary

Tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests cover a significant part of the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary. These dense forests are home to specific highly endangered species, such as the lion-tailed macaque. The nocturnal forest bird, the Great Eared Nightjar, was also spotted for the first time in Kerala in this particular sanctuary. Other endangered animals found here include elephants, tigers, bison, leopards, Nilgiri langurs, sambar, wild boar, deer and others.

The area is also home to 1257 species of flowering plants, which belong to more than 150 families. Of these total species, 309 species are endemic only to the Western Ghats. Birds from 267 species, including migratory, endemic and endangered species, have also been reported to reside here.

Things To Do at Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourists can, of course, be seen enjoying the sights of the majestic animals while at the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is also full of numerous picturesque spots and locations that enable tourists to click some spellbinding photographs through their journey. The area also abounds in trekking trails, which lead on to adventurous trips through evergreen forests. Visitors can also decide to go for a safari, to witness herds of wild animals, like those of deer, monkeys and bison.

Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary Permit

Since animals are set free in the sanctuary and are allowed to live in their natural habitat, special care needs to be taken by the authorities to ensure that poaching and other illegal activities do not take place at the site. Thus, tourists are allowed to enter this restricted area only after they produce a permit, which they can obtain after getting proper verification done and following all the stated guidelines.

Note that all visitors need to carry a valid ID proof along with the permit; else they will be denied entry into the sanctuary.

History of Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary

The Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary was established in June in the year 1984 and was declared to be a wildlife sanctuary in the same year. The sanctuary derives its name from the Chengurinji tree (Gluta travancorica), which is a species of trees endemic to this specific area.

Best Time To Visit Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

The best months to visit the Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary are November and February since the weather is the most pleasant in the sanctuary at these times.

Tips For Visiting Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Ensure that you do not move around the forest alone, or without a guide.
  • The Thenmala Dam and the Palaruvi Waterfalls are both famous attractions that are located near the sanctuary and can be visited in combination.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the sanctuary. Do not attempt to feed animals, or tease them.

How To Reach Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam

The Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 66 kilometres away from the heart of Kollam. You can reach the sanctuary either by hiring a car or taxi or by boarding one of the buses that are regularly provided by the Government of Kerala from Kollam to the sanctuary.

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