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Poombarai is a tiny village that is famous for its production of garlic. It is comfortably nestled among terraced fields and lush greenery. It stands at the height of 1,920 m in the Palani Hills and offers a picturesque view of the surroundings. You get to see colourful houses laid out in neverending greenery. Poombarai is as tranquil as it is mesmerising, and makes for a fantastic addition to any Kodaikanal trip.

Poombarai’s history dates back more than 3000 years. The Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple is a major attraction of this scenic village. Travellers are known to visit the temple and enjoy fresh local produce in the form of beans and carrots. This small village with a population that does not exceed 6000 is hugged by lush green hills and is often referred to as Kodaikanal’s Best Kept Secret.

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Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple

The Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple forms the epicentre of this historic village. The temple is believed to have been consecrated by Bhogar, more than 3000 years ago. Bhogar was a Tamil Siddhar who lived between 550 and 300 BC. The temple has an idol of Murugan which is believed to have been made by Bhogar, using an alloy of nine metals. Bhogar is credited to have discovered the elixir of immortality and to have travelled to China in those times. The Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple is located in a sprawling open courtyard whose centre has a quaint tree.

Garlic Production in Poombarai

Poombarai is famous for growing garlic. It is said to have a special aroma associated with it. Do not forget to take some back home with you.

Tourist Attractions near Poombarai

  • Kodaikanal, the Princess of Hill Stations, is at a distance of 20 km from Poombarai. It is famous for its pleasant climate and beautiful lakes and valleys.
  • Mannavanur Lake is located at a distance of 16 km from the Poombarai village. It is commonly referred to as nature’s paradise and the most serene place that one can visit.
  • Pine Forest is situated in Kodaikanal. It is a major tourist hub that offers picturesque views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Berijam Lake is situated 25 km south of Poombarai. It is a serene reservoir that is an accurate representation of nature’s abundant beauty.
  • Coakers Walk is another popular tourist spot in Kodaikanal. This narrow 1 km long pedestrian path offers scenic views of the surrounding plains.

Tips for Travellers

The weather in Poombarai is quite variable and unpredictable. Hence, it is recommended that you carry some warm clothes irrespective of when you visit. Another downside would be that the locals usually cannot speak in English. You might have to resort to hand gestures to communicate with them. There is not much coverage for mobile networks in the area.

Poombarai is still a developing tourist place. There are no hotels or cottages available in this beautiful village. You might find a few located on the main road, but not many apart from those. There are very few eateries, but the small tea shops are bound to give you an authentic rural experience. Always keep cash in hand as there are no ATMs around. 

How To Reach Poombarai

Poombarai is located at about 18 km from Kodaikanal. The most convenient option is to rent a two-wheeler or a taxi. It is a 30-minute drive from Kodaikanal. The nearest railway station is in Coimbatore.

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