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The gentle hills of Ranipuram in Kerala are famous for its trekking trail. Situated at the height of about 750 meters above sea level, this destination has thick forest vegetation and lush green grasslands. The whole place is proposed inside the Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary which merges with Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka.

The sublime beauty of this region is comparable to that of Ooty, and is a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts. The innocent life of the village and gentle nature make a perfect blend of delight and enjoyment. The entire trek route of Ranipuram is very scenic and a  delight for nature photographers. The trek lasts for about two and a half kilometres, and the summit has a cave, and reaching it is quite an adventurous experience.

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Biodiversity of Ranipuram

Ranipuram has a wide assortment of flourishing flora and fauna. Ranging from lush green vegetation to multiple varieties of wildlife, this place is the perfect destination to discover the biodiversity of the region. From mighty elephants to delicate butterflies, Ranipuram seems like a real life manifestation of Mowgli's adventures. This destination is also the favorite haunt of many species of birds and will surely awaken the ornithologist in you!

Trekking in Ranipuram

Blessed with a cool climate and eye-catching beauty Ranipuram becomes an ideal place for trek lovers. The modern civilization fades away in this laid-back village with a traditional forefront. Visitors experience the piousness of nature and leave with heaps full of fantastic memories.

Though trekking routes here are shorter than others they over panoramic views of surroundings. Visitors prefer daytime for the trek as it gets slippery during the twilight. It is a half-day 2.5-3km trek from the base. On your way to the top, you catch glimpses of animals, mostly elephants. As you reach atop you, get a chance to relax below the clear blue skies and be a spectator of exquisite views. 

The Forest Department allows you to trek anytime between 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit Ranipuram

If you are planning a trip to Ranipuram, it is advisable that you choose winters (October - March) for the same. Travelling here during monsoons is not safe as it is subjected to heavy rains. Hence, visiting Ranipuram as soon as the shower ends is ideally the best time.

Tips For Visiting Ranipuram

1. Travel to this destination early in the morning to avoid the extreme heat temperatures of noon.
2. Make arrangements for refreshments, as this place does not have many eateries.
3. You are likely to encounter leeches, so beware of the same. Wear footwear having an excellent grip while trekking.
4. Carry a good amount of water as you trek towards the hilltop.

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