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Cheruvathur, Kasargod Overview

Cheruvathur is a cosy small town in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, located only 10 kilometres south of the major town of Nileshwaram. The place is known for being the birthplace of great 19th-century poet Mahakavi Kuttamath of Kerala. His work on musical drama and poem compilations is an excellent source of literary inspiration in Cheruvathur. Keeping that in mind, authorities changed the name of the town to Kuttamath Nagar on paper. However, most people still call the town Cheruvathur only.

The etymology of the name has its origin in the Malayalam words "cheriya pathu ooru" which means ten small places. Cheruvathur mainly attracts tourists because of its lovely views and greeneries. But more than that, it is a peaceful suburban retreat for a short weekend trip. There are not many places which you can visit. So, you can spend the time with your loved ones as much as you want to. Cheruvathur and its surroundings is a favourite picnic spot for the same reason. People from nearby places flock in during the peak seasons for an outing and enjoy the day far from the city's cacophony.

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Places To Visit in Cheruvathur

Veeramala Hills
Veeramala is a small hill in Cheruvathur.  Abandoned ruins of an ancient, archaic Dutch fort of the 18th century stand on the top. The view from the hilltop, however, is worth a thousand shots. The beautiful Kariangode River meanders down in the valley amidst the trademark green slopes of the Sahyadri. The great ambience of the place makes it a great spot to have a picnic or spend some time just sitting and taking in the natural beauty.

There is nothing much to see and explore in the fort itself because of its forsaken condition. Very little is left except the brick walls of the boundary perimeter. However, inside the ruined fortress there is a small shrine called Kotapalli, built in memory of an Arab sage whose origins are not entirely clear. There is a masonry tomb inside which is visited by religious and spiritual people. Locals say one's most profound wishes are fulfilled upon whispering them here.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters
Only a 20 minutes' drive from the heart of Cheruvathur, Valiyaparamba is a thin strip of water between the open waters of Arabian Sea and the backwaters. Valiyaparamba is one of the most picturesque backwaters out of the many Kerala is famous for. It is among the few which is yet to be crowded and is only sought by those who want to spend some time in nature's lap. The backwater stream here is fed by four different rivers and the area is dotted with a cluster of green, coconut lined small island villages of fishermen and farmers. A houseboat trip in the Valiyaparamba backwaters will be a memorable part of your Cheruvathur trip.

Cheruvathur Viewpoint
In the Cheruvathur region, there is a spot on the national highway to Calicut which offers a phenomenal view of the stretches of green paddy fields and small, colourful village huts that look like tiny dots. Amidst the sprawling greenery, the Cheruvathur railway station stands like a sentry. Even though no brick and mortar facility is here, many tourists stop their car at this location just to enjoy the view for a few minutes.

How To Reach Cheruvathur

Cheruvathur is connected to the NH 66 which leads to Mangalore in the north and Calicut to the south. Smaller roads shoot off from the national highway and lead to the town of Cheruvathur. You can always rent a car or hire a cab to reach the tiny hamlet.

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