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Nileshwar, Kasaragod Overview

Nileshwaram, also known by the name of Nileshwar, is a major town that is located in the Kasaragod District of Kerala in southern India. Nileshwaram is one of the three municipalities that can be found in the district, the others being Kasaragod and Kanhangad. Nileshwaram is also referred to as the cultural capital of the Kasargod District and lies nestled between two rivers, the Nileshwaram Puzha and Thejaswini Puzha. With the Arabian Sea to its west, the town is breathtakingly beautiful and a spectacular site to be at.

The name Nileshwaram comes from one of the names of Lord Shiva, Neelakanteshwaran, which means the Blue-necked One. The name denotes that Nileshwaram is a land of Lord Shiva. Another story that is related to the name of the place is of Sage Neela, who mounted the deity of Lord Siva thousands of years ago. Nileshwaram once served as the seat of the Nileshwar Rajas of the Kolathiri family and was also associated with the war between the Nileshwar Rajas and the Bednore Nayaks.

The town is particularly famous for housing numerous ancient temples that have significant meaning and importance attached to them. In fact, Nileshwar is the perfect place to be for those who wish to explore the rich culture and traditions of Kerala, as well as witness some age-old architectural masterpieces with their near and dear ones.

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History of Nileshwar

Nileshwaram is the abbreviation for the original name Neelakanta Ishwaran, which is related to Lord Neelakantha, another name for Lord Shiva. The town was formerly the seat of the Neeleswaram Rajahs, who belonged to the clans of the Kolathiri and Zamorins. The Nileshwaram town had also witnessed the battle between the Nileshwar Rajahs and the Bednore Nayaks.

Places To Visit in Nileshwar

The town of Nileshwaram is a holy place that is scattered with numerous ancient places and religious shrines. Not only are these temples of extreme spiritual importance, but they are also breathtaking examples of magnificent architecture and precious cultural and historical relevance.
Prominent temples that tourists especially love to visit here include the Shaasta Temple and the Saasthamangalam Chathothappan Temple.

The Shaasta Temple is situated quite deep inside the dense forest and falls in the way to the famous pilgrimage centre of Sabarimala. In fact, pilgrims who intend to visit Sabarimala often perform rituals at this temple before leaving for Sabarimala. The small stream that flows near this temple adds grace to the tranquil ambience of the temple.

The Saasthamangalam Chathothappan Temple in Nileshwaram is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Chathothappa). It is believed that the original temple here is around 3000 year old, but unfortunately, it got ruined due to the negligence of the people over the years. After that, a new temple was constructed next to the site of the old temple and is frequently visited by devotees to offer prayers and poojas.

Culture and festivities at Nileshwar

The town of Nileshwaram celebrates folk arts and temple festivals with great zeal and fervour. The town also has a palace, kavuus or sacred grooves, old markets, and a weaver street. The major festivals celebrated in Nileshwaram include Pooram and Kalasam .

The most important shrine in Nileshwaram is the Mannan Purathu Kavu, where the finale of the main temple festival takes place. Porattus are satirical depictions of everyday life, and the Porattu of Anjoottambalam Veerarkavu is also extremely popular among the devotees.

Boating in Nileshwaram

People can enjoy the beauty of Nileshwaram by sitting and enjoying the ride in a house-boat which can conveniently be taken on rent. The place is a real beauty of nature, and it is also considered as an excellent spot for trekking.

Tips For Visiting Nileshwar

Must visit the place as it offers you more than just the natural beauty.

How To Reach Nileshwar

Those who wish to visit Nileshwar can first reach Kasaragod, and then hire a taxi to reach the enchanting destination of Kumbala from there. Reaching Nileshwaram is relatively comfortable and convenient, as Kasaragod is well connected via roadways, railways and airways.

The Railway Station is situated just 1 kilometre away from the municipal bus stand, while the Boat station is only 2 kilometres away from the market junction. Boat services to Payyannur, Valyaparmba and Trikaripur, are also readily available.

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