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Manjeshwar, Kasargod Overview

Manjeshwar is a beautiful coastal town famous for Cashew Nuts and as a Pilgrimage. It is located in the district of Kasaragod, on the northern side of God’s Own Country, Kerala, India. Manjeshwar has a rich history of unity in diversity and today, houses about 15 mosques and several temples. This beautiful little coastal town expands over an area of 24 square kilometres and is home to about 8500 inhabitants. The official language of the town is Malayalam and Tulu however; most of the locals also speak Kannada due to its proximity to Karnataka. The clean and fresh air, the natural surroundings and the simple lifestyle of the locals are worth experiencing at least once.

The town is situated on the southern banks of River Manjeswaram at Bengara Manjeswar are two old Jain Bastis. Bengara Manjeswar is the fishing village of Manjeshwar. Manjeshwar also houses the memorial a great poet of Kannada literature, Sri Govind Pai. Kanwatheertha Beach is one of the frequently visited beaches by tourists. This beach was formed as the sea settled in a formation that looks like a swimming pool. A large number of tourists visit Manjeshwar only to see this formation. This town is an apt travel destination for the offbeat travellers. Tourists exploring Kasaragod must spend a few hours exploring Manjeshwar too. 

More on Manjeshwar

Bengara Manjeswar Fishing Village
It is the only locality dedicated to the fishermen. It occupies about 7 wards of the Manjeshwaram Gram Panchayat. This locality is accessible by road, connected through 36 roads and has a 4 kilometre long coastline. It's an exciting experience to explore this region and know how the locals live a bare minimum life.

River Manjeswaram 
Manjeswaram is a short 16-kilometre long river in Manjeshwar, with its origin in the Balappooni Hills. It meets the Arabian Sea between Manjeswaram and Bengara at the Manjeswaram estuary. The inlet is home to various species of avian and aquatic life. You would find some herons, red and greenshanks, reef egret in the region.

Religious Places in Manjeshwar
There are several places of worship in the town of Manjeshwar. Travellers will find a number of churches, mosques and temples here that are signs of flourishing communities living in perfect harmony with each other. Some of these places of worship are as 100 years old and are of religious importance to the locals.

Kanwatheertha Beach
The Kanwatheertha beach is famous for its swimming pool like formation in the Arabian Sea. The beach is at a distance of about 4 kilometres from the Manjeshwar Town.

The best time to visit Manjeshwar is between October and February as the weather stays quite pleasant through these months with the maximum temperature going as high as 32 degrees Celcius and the minimum as low as 22 degrees Celcius. The monsoon months are between June and September when the town receives an average annual rainfall of over 590 mm. March through May is summer months during which the maximum temperature could go as high as 38 degrees Celcius with the minimum temperature of about 26 degrees Celcius.

If you cannot stay at Manjeshwar for a day or two, you can explore only the major attractions and continue exploring other parts of Karasagod.

  • Air: The closest airport is the Mangalore International Airport which is about 48 kilometres from Manjeshwar. Tourists can hail public transport from the airport to reach the town.

  • Rail: The town has a railhead, the Manjeshwar Railway Station. Autorickshaws are easily available outside the station.

  • Road: Manjeshwar is accessible by road from Thiruvananthapuram (580 kilometres), Kanyakumari (670 kilometres) and Prasala (610 kilometres). Tourists can hail State Transport Buses to reach Manjeshwar.

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