Weather :

Timings : 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Closed on Mondays

Time Required : 3 - 4 hours

Entry Fee : Weekdays
Indian Visitors

Adults - INR 30
Children (6 to 12 years) - INR 15

Foreign Visitors
Adults - INR 150
Children (6 to 12 years) - INR 75

Weekends and National Occasions
Indian Visitors
Adults - INR 40
Children (6 to 12 years) - INR 20

Foreign Visitors
Adults - INR 150
Children (6 to 12 years) - INR 75

Student groups of 25 or more can avail a discount of 10% on the entry fee.

Tips :

  • You may make donations to aid the conservation and upkeep of the zoo and can access the official website for details regarding the same.
  • Plastic bags are banned inside the park.
  • Water cooler facilities are provided rather than water bottles.
  • Animal feeding is strictly prohibited.
  • Photography is permitted.
  • Only CNG powered vehicles are permitted within the premises.

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Kanpur Zoological Park, Kanpur Overview

Also known as Allen Forest Zoo, the Kanpur Zoological Park is located in Nawabganj, approximately 7 kilometres from Kanpur city. Situated in the human-made Allen Forest, this zoological park houses a picturesque landscape, lush vegetation, a beautiful lake, and several rare species of plants and animals.

Maintained by the Forest Department, State Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Kanpur Zoological Park is home to many wildlife species including white tigers, leopards, black bears, grizzly bears, sloths, zebras, rhinoceros, hippopotamus and reptiles such as snakes.

With prominent life-size models of dinosaurs, state-of-the-art enclosures, an international standard veterinary facility and attractive garden areas, the park offers endless photo ops and chances to be part of the conservation projects. It is also a great bird-watching spot.

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Kanpur Zoological Park Attractions

Botanical garden 
A region of the park that accommodates several indigenous species of plants, which are cared for by professionally trained conservationists. This area is ideal for leisure activities such as picnics, walks, and hands-on teaching opportunities.

A beautiful lake belonging to the Allen Forest that provides a home to over 44 aquatic species and attracts over 741 birds, the star of the zoo’s annual bird-watching festival.

A section of the zoo that consists of a multitude of exotic birds originating from different parts of the globe. Among these majestic creatures are colourful parrots, graceful cranes, and melodious parakeets.

Night house 
A special division of the zoo dedicated to nocturnal animals such as prickly porcupines and toddy cats.

The aquarium features various aquatic animals in an environment made as close to their natural habitats as possible. Entry is permitted at a minimal additional charge of INR 10.

Toy train 
A feature of the zoo carefully designed so as to maintain an undisturbed environment for plant and animal species, while providing an enjoyable experience for children in particular.

How To Reach Kanpur Zoo

Situated on Hasting Avenue in Azad Nagar, the Kanpur Zoological Park at Hastings Avenue is about 10 km from the Kanpur city centre. It can be reached via a 17 to 25-minute drive.

The Kanpur Airport is around 32 to 40 km from the park and it would take around 40 minutes to drive to the park. The Kanpur zoo is about 10 to 11 km from the Kanpur Interstate Bus Depot, which can be covered through an 18 to 22-minute drive. The Kanpur Railway Station is about 11 km from the zoo, which would take at least 20 to 25 minutes to reach via car.

Special Events at the Kanpur Zoological Park

The zoo arranges several interactive activities for its visitors such as educational programs and competitions based on essay-writing, drawing, painting, skit performances and others in order to win exciting prizes.

These activities are held on the occasions of Wildlife Week (first week of October), Indian Zoo Week (1st to 7th December), World Conservation Day (3rd December), Animal Welfare (every two weeks), World Biodiversity Day (22nd May), World Environment Day (5th June) and World Forestry Day (21st March).

History of Kanpur Zoological Park

The Kanpur Zoological Park was established in 1971 under the management of Mr R. S. Bhaduria. The first animal brought to the zoo was an Otter sourced from the river Chambal. There were 10 fully equipped enclosures by 1975.

After dealing with several concerns regarding lack of safety in the forest area and marking an end to illegal activities such as fishing in the zoo’s lake, the zoo was opened for public access in 1974.

Many diverse species and suitable accommodations for wildlife have been incorporated since. Additionally, Mr Krishna Kumar Singh is recognised as the current director of Kanpur Zoological Park.

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