How To Reach Junagadh

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How to Reach Junagadh

Junagadh is well connected by rail and road. Regular rail and bus services ply to and fro the fort city of Junagadh. There is no direct flight connectivity, however, to Junagadh. The nearest airport is in Rajkot, approximately 106.3 km away from Junagadh.

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Most frequently searched routes to Junagadh

Route Name Distance Time
Ahmedabad to Junagadh 316 km 5 hours 6 mins
Mumbai to Junagadh 807 km 12 hours 46 mins
Somnath to Junagadh 95.2 km 1 hour 41 mins
Delhi to Junagadh 1,221 km 19 hours 6 mins
Jodhpur to Junagadh 729 km 11 hours 41 mins
Veraval to Junagadh 85.5 km 1 hour 31 mins
Pune to Junagadh 944 km 15 hours 10 mins
Jaipur to Junagadh 953 km 14 hours 37 mins

How to reach Junagadh by flight

There is no direct flight connectivity to Junagadh. Rajkot Airport, 106.3 km away from the city, is the nearest airport to the city of Junagadh.

Nearest Airport: Porbandar Airport (PBD) - 84 kms from Junagadh

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How to reach Junagadh by road

Regular bus services ply to and fro Junagadh, Buses, in a range from affordable to slightly expensive rates, are available from places like Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot. You can also take a shared taxi or cab for the same route.

How to reach Junagadh by train

Junagadh is well connected by railways as well. Regular train services ply to and fro the Junagadh railway station, which is the principal railway station that serves the city of Junagadh.

Local transport in Junagadh

You can access the whole town on auto-rickshaws or by using taxis.

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