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"Bride of the Red Sea"

Jeddah Tourism

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia boasts many riches - but perhaps none as breathtaking as its commercial capital city, Jeddah. It is a centre of diversity as a melting pot of different cultures highlighted by attractive and modern commercial centres. But, it is also one which places a strong focus on local customs and tradition in accordance with Saudi principles. If you're looking for a traditional experience of the Islamic culture, look no further than the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its second-largest city, Jeddah.

Jeddah is one of the busiest cities in the Middle East, and a large part of that comes from its proximity to the twin holy cities Mecca and Medina. The fact that it is the primary gateway for Muslims from all over the world on their holy pilgrimage to Mecca also means that the city enjoys a large amount of tourism and in accordance with that. There are a massive number of shopping options ranging from new state-of-the-art malls to traditional shops which have been plying their trade for decades upon decades. It is easy to see why this is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia - and the second largest commercial city of the entire Middle East after Dubai. Jeddah is the largest city along the Red Sea and this gives it access to some truly spectacular beaches. If you were ever looking for a sunny day out by the water, Jeddah has everything you'll ever need. You can also indulge your inner architect by taking a tour of the city and enjoying buildings which are as impressive as they are well-preserved.

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What is the best time to visit Jeddah?

Wintertime is the best time to visit Jeddah as well as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Beginning from October and through to March - the temperatures stay under 30 degree celsius - which is what is considered cool weather in Saudi Arabia!
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What are the places near Jeddah?

The top places near to Jeddah are Riyadh which is 845 km from Jeddah, London which is located 4751 km from Jeddah, Dubai which is located 1692 km from Jeddah, Amsterdam which is located 4514 km from Jeddah, New york city which is located 10258 km from Jeddah

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